Don’t publish your advertising

One day you decide write about your product, and then you published a ‘announcer’ your services and like help your client. Wrong. Nobody want read advertising. You lost time, audience and money (if you have pay for publish). How do you talk about your business ‘without’ boring your reader?

  1. Talk to your client not with numbers

Your client know about advantages and disadvantages, benefits from your product (services). He decide your offer since this information. Your text, conversation, sponsors need give ‘story’. Like ‘storytelling’ — real not fake. Don’t mention fictions (use for explain, not design). Forget stats, don’t compare your client with numbers. People is not numbers. That’s rude.

2. Value is your force sales

People see values not price. You can’t ignore this. Values are potentials. Do you should spare values from your company? Yes. But it’s a very important. Don’t say about values if you not act like it. Client ‘buy’ values because they create an identity. Don’t forget, you need create a link your product with your audience — you need create an identity.

3. You have two publics: Inside and Outside

We forget that the company have two publics everyday and everytime. Can you focus your client? Outside? Your employee is your public too. You need sell your product for they first. And if they got ‘bait’…it’s means excellent results in soon. Training your team, evolving they in story of company, sales, awards and in all moments. Create a ‘family’.

Note: CRM, Fidelization, Know your public

4. Stop sales in Social Media

Social Media you ought talk with people. Create a friendship. Ok, that’s business not a friend’s list. But even you want sell your photos, the other (possible client), need know who are you, about your job and your offer. Do you Read about comments from your friends to buy anything? Can you stay safe with your friends? If your answer was yes, so you are agree that the sales man don’t can be a fully strange for you.

In Social Media, the company is not a only ‘sales man’. It’s a point for create confidence — remember about identity?

5. Call to Action — Use only one time.

Do you read any text and in specific moment you ‘read’ (Signs newsletter or fill your e-mail and will receveid e-book)? This a examples of ‘Call to Action’. It’s a marketing’s tools for forced you acting. It’s not very efficient for long time. It’s boring, really. Each time you read five lines and…CALL TO ACTION.

You need write a ‘great’ post. It’s a brilliant and unique. And insert ‘between lines’ the Call to Action. Use any expression with ‘force’. Like — “Limited edition, golden edition, discount, etc.

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