Why build your application using Salesforce

After having worked for two years with Salesforce, I would like to point out some good reasons to build a cloud-based application using Salesforce.

Less worries about database structure

When you’re setting up a new app in salesforce, you don’t need to spend time thinking about which database to use, or spend time structuring you website in a way to protect your data, salesforce does everything for you!
Salesforce provides all database functionality to your application in a very straightforward and intuitive way, if you want to create a new object on the database, you just do it through a simple visual interface and it’s ready to use. No need to install a third party software or to deal with complex database management tools, everything inside the salesforce environment is simple to do, directly on your browser and it is super fast.


Salesforce takes care of all security measures to protect your data to make sure all your data is secured and available as you need them, it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re building your application.

It’s really, really fast!

Even though it runs in the browser and you need an active internet connection to use it, salesforce is really fast and the waiting time to open pages or code to edit are close to non-existent. You’ll be amazed by how fast it can be once you start using it.

Everything is on the cloud

As your app is in the cloud, you can work on it from anywhere, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and you’re ready to work on your application. Also, apps in the cloud have other benefits, such as flexibility, for example: if your application suddenly has to handle more requests and use more bandwidth, it will handle it all by itself, so you don’t need to keep monitoring it to see if the server is down, because it probably won’t be. :)

Easy to code

As everything is on the cloud, you can just open up your browser, log in to your salesforce instance, access the developer console and start coding, but not only that, if you really like sublime text, you can use the Mavens Mate plugin to work with your salesforce projects in sublime text, it also provides lots of nice keyboard shortcuts that are specific for working with the salesforce environment. If you’re an eclipse guy, there’s also the Force.com IDE plugin that you can easily install and start using in a few minutes (no weird problems due to java version problems or any other of this kind of problem we ran into every now and then when working with a java project in eclipse).

Updates that don’t break your application

Salesforce always releases new versions of their environment throughout the year, improving and including features, and guess what? The updates are fully transparent to you and your client and never breaks your application! You will have access to the new features as soon as they become available and there’s no need to worry about your application having any kind of funny behaviour because of the updates because this will never happen.


Salesforce also have its own app marketplace, the AppExchange, where anyone can develop and display their apps, there are LOTS of apps to help you get your job done fast, including a very big list of free apps that you can install and try in your salesforce instance. And of course, you can develop your own apps and sell it on the AppExchange too.

Do you use salesforce? Do you agree with these points or have another one to share? Feel free to comment ;)

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