A Gentlemen’s Guide To Rape Culture
Zaron Burnett III

There are a few things you’ve missed Zaron

  1. Gay men often feel the same way

In your argumentation, you seem to imply that only women feel this way and that this is solely a female thing. Granted, this is significantly more the case. However, you excluding this makes it come across as if you don’t care about male-on-male rape.

2. You ignore the reality of acquaintance rape

Acquaintance rape is far more common than stranger rape. Your article makes it seem as if that is the opposite and that we should focus on that.

3. You assume all men have the same degree of immersion in rape culture

The idea that all men have the same degree of immersion of ludicrous. I, as a queer man who has been sexually assaulted, has nowhere near the amount of internalized RC as a sexual predator like Roosh V

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