Austin Beer Garden to Host “Raging Anti-Semite” on 9/11. Why It’s Part of Something Bigger.

Right wing (and Southern Poverty Law Center designated “raging anti-semite”) Christopher Bollyn continues to target progressive cities and institutions for his brand of The Jews Did Everything. His next stop? The heart of the progressive southwest, Austin. At the Scholz Biergarten along with the editor of the American Free Press, an SPLC designated hate group, and others.

As Bollyn test our waters, he’s being booted with a vengeance from most justice oriented venues like progressive churches and cafes (see Oops. Your Guest is a Nazi.) But he’s winning. Bollyn is defining which institutions in communities traditionally unwilling to host bigots are willing to promote views like his. So like a Lewis & Clark of Nazis, Bollyn is discovering a white supremacist speaking tour route that will certainly be followed by others as the old right retools itself as something new in Trumpmerica.

For the 15th Anniversary of 9/11, Texas’ oldest business, a Beer House owned by Tom Davis will be hosting Bollyn. Comments from the Scholz Garten which I assume are from Davis, insist that his venue encourages open political exploration from anywhere, and doubled down on Bollyn’s invitation, saying it’s no different than hosting other oppositional politics, like Democrats and Republicans, relegating Bollyn’s deep (Elders of Zion level) hate for Jewish “wolves” to disagreements about trade deals and tax rates.

Aside from hosting Bollyn, who uses the word Holocaust in quotes, and is an alum of a long line of Holocaust deniers, Scholz Garten’s claim of free speech grandeur couldn’t be confirmed from their calendar archives. Unless you believe the Sierra Club, the University of Texas Graduation, The Texas RV Association, SXSW, and Puppy Mill Awareness Day have no other safe haven in Austin.

August Scholz

Also lost on Scholz Garten is the self awareness to fully appreciate that a neo-Nazi’s home in Austin will be an (open-carry?) German venue named for and celebrating a confederate veteran, August Scholz. One that was started as social hub for German Americans through a time when pro-Nazi Amerikadeutscher Bund used such social spaces to…make America great again.

In computer science, they say you can double your success rate by doubling your failure rate. Among Bollyn’s many losses, he scored a big win when an epicenter of NYC/Brooklyn radical leftism, The Brooklyn Commons, went through great efforts to feature him. Its owner, Melissa Ennen, witnessed an entire community turn against her with statements, a protest, and a tenant and customer boycott. Her response was to double down. She not only removed the progressive mission from the website, she physically removed the Jews who arrived to counter Bollyn’s argument.

Today is another victory for Bollyn, and white supremacists everywhere. Today they add Austin, Texas to Brooklyn, New York with a new home for hate in the progressive center of the South West.

If you’d like to reach others who currently pay Scholz Garten to host and let them know who their new roommates are, you can reach who are listed on this calander:

Scholz Garten · Twitter · Facebook · Facebook Discussion · Yelp

Sep 12 · Liberal Austin Democrats · Facebook

Sep 13 · Sierra Club Austin ·

University of Texas · Form · (512) 475–6071 (UT doesn’t have one listed this month but they are by far the biggest recurring renter, UT Alumni Long Horn Band, UT Law School Society, LBJ School of Public Affairs, UT Information Risk & Operations, Texas Iron Spikes)

Sep 13 ·Solarwinds · · (512) 682 9300

Sep 15 · WP Engine · Tweet · (877) 973–6446

Sep 24· Texas Tribune ·

Sep 24 ·Puppy Mill Awareness Day · Form

Groups that have hosted in the past, many of which reoccur seasonally include: Travis County Medical Society, Solar Austin, SXSW Crew Chief Social, The Wurst Band, St. Edwards University, Education in Action, Texas Hospital Association, Dell Computers, Imagine Austin, Travis County Democratic Party, Austin Men’s Soccer Association, Thrivent, Texas RV Association

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A great timeline of Christopher Bollyn’s attempts in the NorthEast is documented at Jewschool. And the best analysis of his brand of Trutherism by Dr. Spencer Sunshine and more by Mitchell Plitnick.