What does People want to Read

I see a lot of shining titles like 10 types of things to do to make you happier. And I for sure read a few of them. And I absolutely can’t complain about them because somehow they has helped. However, I don't want to get through this chatting.

What I want to talk to you there is nothing to do about the title of this text, I want to talk to you about trust.

If you are not interested on this… just skip it cause this is my second language and I’ll just try to do my best on writing.

So….go one

Let it began with this question:“ What does is trust ?”

Do you trust on yourself or on even more on your friends or any random people you find walking on street ?

What the hell is trust ?

I might not have the ans ware for those questions. However I think it is really helpful to trust on people.

Why ? Why should I trust on them? When you trust one someone else you are adding value on yourself. That’s called faith.


Having faith on your self it’s amazing even though you field. Because you know you did what you believe its right. You have to invest on what you think is right for community, not just what is right for your ego.

This is my first conversation with you so I hope some one read it.

Pleas say any thing you think to about what do you think about trusting.

Falo !

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