July 8 2014, Brazil (only) 1 x 7 Germany. The worst day of the history of the Brazilian soccer. It was my birthday, I will never forget this day neither the brazilians. In our home, in our country, in our World Cup. When will we overcome this fact?

March 23 2017, Brazil 3 x 0 Paraguay. The national team, again, qualified for the next World Cup. 8 consecutive victories, with 4 rounds in advance, it becomes Brazil like the unique team that will participate of all World Cups.

After almost 4 years who is the responsible for this change? Neymar, the most important brazilian player nowadays? Maybe Coutinho that is impacting all the England? Can be Gabriel Jesus who is the new global phenomenon? I have to say NO for all questions.

It’s our new brazilian proud: TITE!

You can find the Tite’s history in a lot of sites/magazines/news but i don’t wanna talk about the past, i want to talk the reasons that he’ve changed the national team and how he did that.

The first thing that you have to know about Tite is that he loves DEMOCRACY and he put it on the field. Everybody divides the responsibilities during the games, everyone has a function and if you don’t do your function, no matter who you are, another player will do in your place. Have no space for egos neither for stars.

Tite has many abilities, one of them is to know how to explain the strategies for the soccers players. He knows how to do the players to play for the team, to bleed for the victories and always think on the group and never think in yourself.

Once a time, Neymar was playing very good but he got a yellow card that would take him away to the next game. In the half time, in the locker rooms, Tite saw Neymar very sad so he said: “Neymar thank you soo much for the yellow card, i asked for you take it for me and you did. I’m in debt with you, thank you for your support, thank you for your commitment to the team”. All team noticed that words it was a way that the coach would have to say: “if you do the things thinking on the team doesn’t matter if it worked, what matter it is your good intention and i will support you”.

It is an example how the coach works, he is a motivator, he is a father, he is a teacher, he likes to heard the players, he likes to learn new things, new strategies, he knows how to speak the “soccer language”, he knows how to talk with the press and the supporters, he has a lot of qualities and so

a lot of defects too but i believe that he will bring the 6th star for Brazil, in Russia, on next year.

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