How to tell stories and be heard, how to use storytelling in crowdfunding campaigns and why we should all watch “Titanic” to understand what a good story is — Outriders Studio has been invited to run a storytelling workshop during the Megaphone 2018 conference organised by TechSoup Europe in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We were invited to help organise and promote the event.

Megaphone was an international meeting for activists from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The civil society faces many challenges in the era of disinformation and algorithms that rule social media. Megaphone took place in Cluj-Napoca, the fourth…

Fot. Adrian Jarzębowski

No doubt, it is a challenge — to create three interactive reportages in four months. We are doing this. In Kalisz, one of the oldest polish town located in the center of Poland, where we run workshops on interactive reportage.


In the middle of August, we came to Kalisz and met with a group of about twenty people who came to the workshop. The group included university students, high school students, young journalists, teachers and activists form the town. Together, we had to come up with topics for three interactive reportages and start working on them. …

Rafał Hetman

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