It was the 6th floor and she had her whole body hanging out of the balcony. Big fat veins full of blood and fear surrounded her beautiful green eyes. Life was crushing and she desired seeing Oliver once again before the fatality was consumed.

With his left hand, Johnny held Ruby’s right wrist and screamed at her on a trial of providing some encouragement. She was incredible desperate but did not say a word, just moved her legs like if she was swimming in the space when she spoted Johnny deep inside his soul.

In a blink of an eye, Oliver got there from nowhere wearing a pale face with a guilty spirit. He felt his entire physique thrilled and weighting more than a tone. Ruby was about to fall from a more than twenty meters high level. His heart snugged in, he didn’t want to lose her. Although he got super shaky legs he rapidly grabbed her left hand with his strong right one.

He looked at Johnny and took a deep breath just before speaking to her:

‘Ruby, I’m here for you’

A vivid amount of running blood came out of her mouth and eyes and all the strength from Johnny and Oliver’s arms were sucked in by her despair.

So she fell all the way to the bottom and all that those poor lads could do was to watch her striking body crashing down on the floor.

Oliver felt dizzy, confused overall pain. Suddenly he started hearing the double bass notes from ‘Stay out of trouble’ echoing in his brain. But before opening his eyes, he put some nerves together and went down there to check out on Ruby.

The sidewalk was rustic and dusty, life Brazilian ones.

As soon as he looked at her, Ruby stood up like nothing too serious had happened to her and shook the dirty off her body. With a meek smile and some dots of blood on her lips, the spicy brunet psychology student asked Oli where was the party that night.

Ruby knew that Oliver let her fall because he stopped believing and that made him feel a long cold arrow crossing himself through his core. An irreparable feeling of loss and sadness filled up his robust knuckles. The tightness in his heart got sharper.

But no fall or whatsoever would change Ruby’s nature.

Not a word was spoken however, they both knew what had happened there.

Oliver flicked the snooze buttom off to stop the Caribbean chill house tune however, it was in vain because he was not able to get back there anymore.

With short breath sitting in his single mattress, Oli reminded that on that fall, Ruby was wearing her pink roses grey dress.