A journey through the lens

Between art, photography, design and research.

At the beginning of 2016, Ivan Hugo visited the Salon Flux stand on the Future Library book fair and we talked about books, paper (a lot about paper) and the possibilities of working on a project together, a street photo-book placed in San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo. What it seems to be a side project, quickly turned into a commission for a global brand, happy times.

People love a publication, the paper, the photography and we feel we captured perfectly what ended up being the soul of the cities. That is an interesting aspect of producing printed work, that people suddenly feel really connected to your work and rapidly want to keep the object, that is already a winning part of the game.

However, the most interesting part of it to me was the framework of this project and how the client had the vision to approach tendencies in a much more natural and realistic way than just as a direct revenue tool.

A 4-day walk through the city.

As a global research project, we aimed to capture denim tendencies in San Francisco, Paris and Tokyo through extensive field visual anthropology (and so we did).

Our main idea was to not to idealise the locations, don’t globalise them, rather discover the genuine lifestyle and links on the local communities towards the denim culture.

The idea was not to focus on a particular brand but empower the client to reinforce the status of the brand as timeless accessory wich was later proved on interviews and expanded research.

Like a good story, I’d just like to wrap up with few learnings and beauties we got from the experience:

You will never have the same experience from your desktop than in the streets.

Working remotely is great, but there is a physicality needed when working with printers and other suppliers, that will always make your product a bit warmer, a bit better.

You don’t need to stage and control what you want to show on a project, people are beautiful and everyone has something interesting to share, you just need to talk to them.

I had the pleasure to Design and Art Direct ‘A journey through the lens’ together with and with the photography of, Ivan Hugo (IH Studio) and now is time to share everything that exists behind those images. Soon in the street INTO, a new project of IH Studio.

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