Edhi Sb

Edhi sb would have not done so if his mother had not trained him to do so. His mother was very kind heart lady and she taught him how to help the poor and needy people. In the biography of Edhi sb we are told that his mother has more focused on humanity. Edhi sb belonged to a middle class family but he was trained by his mother to help the poor in every case. It was his mother’s training which reminded him at the each stage of his life.

Edhi sb was not much interested in his studies so after the completion of formal education he decided to quit his studies. Although he had left his studies yet he had not left helping poor people. He was given only 2 paisas. Because of his mother’s advice he used to spend one paisa for himself and he gave one paisa to the poor & needy people. In a nutshell he was so trained to help the needy people that in his biography he tells that “I was so trained that helping poor and people that it had become my pastime.” Without helping poor people he didn’t feel well.

When the Edhi Sb was 11 years old he started working in a cloth shop. His salary was 5 rupees. He used to save 1 rupee each month in order to help the poor people in future and he gave remaining 4 rupees to his mother. One afternoon he was going with his friend for a football match. While passing the main bazar he saw a person laying on a platform outside the shuttered shop. Here in his biography he said, “My training told me that he was not a professional beggar” this line clearly shows that it was his mother’s training which helps him at his every stage of his life. Edhi sb served that person and gave him medicine & food etc.

Edhi sb loved to serve patients from the very start of his life but he had not enough money and resources to help them. He had great desire to help the needy and poor people. At this stage of life some people called him sheikh chilliya. But he did not lose heart and continued to serve the people. With the passage of time he had saved a little amount of money to buy an ambulance to serve the Ownerless people.

Edhi sb was advised by his father just start (Amal) work and start from the lowest stage. Edhi Sb’s father often said him, “No labour is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worthy of respect. Start from the lowest rung.” It was his father’s suggestion to think big but start work from the lowest. His father used to say him “It is important to think without limitations. Confining ideas stunt potential.” Here if we relate Edhi Sb’s story with “Amal Academy” Here it can be said that Amal is following his principle of just start. As in the start of the Amal Academy had not even enough resources and people. But now with the passage of time Amal Academy is being flourished day by day. He worked so hard that now a days his small project is regarded as the world’s largest emergency response system.

I was in 8th class when some of my friends were studying in expensive schools known as English medium schools. As I was too much interested in improving my English from that very start of my career so I said to my parents that I also want to get admission in that expensive schools. As I belonged to a poor family so I was not sent to that schools. I started learning English by my own. After the completion of my matriculation exams I had two choices whether to choose Urdu English medium or English medium as I wanted to learn English as much as possible so I chose English medium even my teachers did not allow me to choose English medium. According to them I would not pass the exams in case I choose English medium. Later on I did not only pass my intermediate exams but also got 1st position in the district Kasur & also secured PEEF Scholarship on the basis of excellent marks in intermediate for the undergraduate studies. Now my friends who were studying in the expensive schools often ask me for help regarding English subjects as now a days I am considered a man with good English grammar.

Amal principle of progress can be used for my own example because I think I have achieved my goal by following this principle. I would never have achieved my goal if I had not started working on it. It was due to my tremendous efforts and hard work that I achieved my goal. When my parents had not enough money to send me in expensive school that time I decided to improve it by my own. I just started learning it by myself Alhamdulillah now I am very well in writing and speaking English.

Story of Edhi sb aspires other people to just start the work on any project. People are taught that they should start working on their projects. Some people do not start working, they are always afraid of not having enough resources and capital because they often think that they do not have enough resources to accomplish the project but in contrast story of the Edhi sb depicts that he had nothing in the very start but now his institution is regarded as world’s largest emergency response system.

My story is also a great lesson for poor students who are often deprived from studying in expensive schools & colleges. They often think that they cannot compete the students who are studying in the private schools and colleges. I would not have achieved my goal if I had not become self-learner. So if they wantcompete them they need to become self-learner.