Informational Interview

First of all I thought informational interview is the toughest task of the assignment but as I completed it I felt that I should do it again. First of all I searched for person from the former fellows of Amal Academy but failed to decide to whom I should make call. Then I made call two people.

One person Usman Ashraf who is doing job as Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineer at Systems Ltd. He is my senior. First when I made him call he was busy in his work and I was asked to make him call later on. But when he got free time he informed me through message. Then I made him call and told him that I have been given an assignment from Amal Academy for the informational interview and asked him few questions regarding his job. I asked him these questions.

1. What is your current job status?

2. How did you achieve this status?

3. Do CV writing and communication skills matter or only IT skills?

4. If I want to get this status/post what should I do?

5. Can you please suggest me any book or website to prepare the entry test?

6. Are you satisfy with your current salary package?

7. Do you know any person who can help me in getting this job?

He is really a nice man and guide me in such an amazing way that I have also planned to guide my junior in the same way. Then I said thanks for his time. And he also said to me contact him as my degree is completed. And he advised me to send my CV, He said I will send your CV to HR Department because as the new vacancy is announced you will be informed

After that I made call to my teacher Sir Faizan Arshad who has taught me SAT when I was preparing my test for LUMS that time he was also the student of LUMS. Currently he is doing job as Assistant Manager at Gift University. I asked him very interesting questions. As I am from IT field and he is the man of Marketing and management. I asked him, can a person from IT apply for management jobs? He said yes a person from IT field can apply for the management jobs. But I was advised to change the format of CV. I was informed that if I want to apply for the management jobs I will have to show some subjects of management in the CV.

Besides this I asked him when should start applying for jobs? Should I wait for the completion of degree or not? He advised me to start applying for jobs right now. I was told that before the completion you should apply for jobs in maximum firms and appear in maximum interviews. Moreover I was told to make one page CV and cover letter. Then he suggested me to make an account on LinkedIn and and told him I have already made an account on and I will try to make on LinkedIn as well. Then I was advised to send him CV for suggestions.

Besides these two persons I met with four other people personally. I asked them same questions they also guide me in the same way. They told me to make best CV and Cover letter, according to them because these two things are very important in getting any job. They also advise me to apply in maximum firms before the completion of degree.

From the learning point it was great experience for me. I took this informational interview very first time in my life. This informational interview helps me in learning cultural of the organizations. This informational interview also teaches me recruitment procedure of different firms. Moreover this informational interview provides me an opportunity to talk with some professional people who are currently doing jobs in well reputed organizations because it is possibility they would not have told me so much information if I had not given them the reference of informational interview. At the end Thanks Amal Team for giving me an opportunity to meet with such professional people.

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