Strengths and Abilities

First of all I would like to say thanks to Amal for giving me such an amazing assignment. I was often confused by my weakness. It was great to know about my strengths. Some of these strengths were known to me and some were not. As I have been advised to write the themes of all feedback so first of all I would to explain strengths which were known to me and then I would like to explain the strengths which were not known to me. My friends have justified that strengths in such a way that I had to accept all my strengths.

Most of my friends and classmates have said that I am hard working student. Yes I do agree that I am a hardworking student as my educational background is the evidence of this. I never went to private and expensive schools and colleges but Alhamdulillah because of my hard work now I am often compared with those people who have completed their education from very expensive schools and colleges. Besides this it is just because of my hard work that I got 14th position in BISE Lahore, got 1st position in District Kasur at intermediate level of exams and secured PEEF scholarship for undergraduate studies. I had never studied English medium any course before this. Most of the people recommended me not to do my intermediate exams with English medium but I was confident because of my hard work and at the end I achieved this because of my hard work. I was realized this by the stories of my friends.

I have been realized by the most of the stories that I respect my parents and teachers. This strengths was also known to me somewhat. I strongly believe that those who do not respect their parents and teachers their progress or achievements have not value.

Besides this I also came to know that I am an independent man. I have copied same line from the story of my classmate “He is independent in every matter and never depends on the students of department for any work like many other students do.” I strongly believe on the famous quote “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world. Even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.” That’s why we should try to perform every task or work ourselves then ask for help in case we fail because some works can be completed without the help of others in that case we should ask for help because some works required team.

Last but not least another major strength which I came to know from the stories of my friends that I respect my mother very much. This line made my assignment much interesting “He loves his mother and wants to score well for her happiness, which is his biggest strength.” I want to sacrifice myself for the happiness of my mother because she is everything for me.

There are many other strengths which I came to know from the stories of friends and other people who helped in making this assignment. I was informed that being a student of backward area is studying in the leading University of Pakistan. Besides this I was informed that I never run for grade always run for learning. Moreover I was told that I know hot communicate people in best way. Through an interesting story I was informed that I know how to deal people.

At the end again I would to say thanks to Amal Academy for such an amazing assignment. And I am also thankful to those who helped me in making this assignment and took time to tell about my strengths. They way in which we were advised to prepare this assignment was totally professional. I would never have known my strengths if I had not been given this assignment. I have been aspired by my strengths. At this stage I have known that I have so much abilities to do many extraordinary task/works. The way in which we were advised to know about our strengths and abilities was really amazing.