Weekend Academy

I had just got admission in Punjab University, Lahore, it came in my mind why should not I help other people? To do this I decided to work on a project named as “Weekend Academy”. The major purpose of this project is to provide free of education to the remote areas (Villages) of my city Pattoki. But I had to face many problems.

As the purpose of the project is clearly mentioned in the first paragraph that to provide the free of cost education especially to the female students of my area. I wanted to make this institute because female students are often ignored by the parents in my area. So I thought through this project female students will be provided help so that they can get free of cost education. It will prove best platform for them to learn communication skills and English grammar.

Due to the lack of awareness nobody took this project serious. As now a days it is considered institutions with high fees are the cause of quality education But unfortunately I was not gaining any profit or charges for the service as the major of this project was not gain profit but to provide free of cost education.

I tried to start work on the project but failed. Few students joined the academy for three to four months. I worked for three or four months. The major problems that I had to face were that first of I had not proper team as I was the only person who was working on it but single person cannot perform all the tasks because proper team is required to accomplish such projects. As I was having lack of team and professional people that’s why I could not deliver introductory lectures as introductory lectures were necessary to introduce the academy and its purpose to the people. Besides this due to the lack of money necessary goods were not bought which were necessary to conduct the sessions and classes.

From the learning point of view this project helped me to learn never give up at any stage. Although nobody was available to work with me yet I was ready to work on the project at any stage. Besides this, this project helped to improve my confidence level as I was taking different sessions on communications skills and English grammar. Moreover I learnt the exposure of non-profit organizations.

Now I have decided to get registered as non-profit organization this project under District Kasur. Moreover I have decided to build a proper professional team because single soul cannot run this project. Furthermore this project will be introduced in different areas to elaborate its purpose and benefit that students can get by joining this academy as it is clear this project is advantageous for the students especially for the female students. In order to introduce the academy different introductory lectures will be delivered.

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