Dear dumb, entitled, insecure, angry men of the world: I am tired of you
Dana Schwartz

<<If I’m exhausted, I can’t imagine how Hillary Clinton feels.>>

really im not from USA im from Europe i just want to know why even woman nowdays support the so called sexist Donald Trump i hate when people write lies like for sure you know that HIlary throughout her poltical carrer has made a serioud number of scandals but now everybody acts like crazy when Trumps says something to women(sorry but sexism isn’t the biggest problem of mankind now…)she says the she supports LGBT+ rights well thats a lie because she also supports and has relations with Saudi Arabia and many other places in Middle East wich of course other there homosexuality is penalised with death! also why do you think many celebrities are supporting Hilary(like JLo,G.Clooney,Meriyl Strip,Maddona,Miley cyrus)do you see something similar ot all of them yes they dont know nothing about politics they are forced to support her, Madona even said the she will make a blowjob to everyone who votes Hilary is this how women are portrayed by a WOMEN aswell i just want to say that research before you say something or even support Trump is not good either but in front of Hilari CLINTON he seems like JFK and even better….

PS: i didn’t write this comment to hate but to open eyes

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