Key to manage stress and anxiety

We all go through tough time and anxious period in our life. Everyday we live is not a purple patch. So rather than being more anxious about anxiety let’s learn how to manage stress and overcome it.
Here’s what you can do to manage your stress or anxiety what I’m sharing is mostly from my personal experience.

Take a time-out: Take your time to think what’s really making you anxious.
Is it your job, your life style, your partner or your kids. If it’s your job then try to talk to your colleagues or maybe your boss about the part that giving your stress. If possible tell them to remove that part of your work from your daily routine for a while till you feel comfortable enough to continue or even grant you a vacation. If it’s your partner or children talk to them rather frankly about what you are going through for their certain actions and what the consequences can be. Be easy to them while talking so you don’t make the situation more complicated. Ask their help if needed.

Declutter your life style: Try to be simple in your everyday life for a while. You can start from organizing your room/home to your personal desk or job space in your office. Seeing an unorganized work space or home everyday can have some serious negative effect on your work efficiency and make you feel psychologically lethargic. Make a list of things that are due and you can do them within a very a short time. Complete them one by one. It will definitely make you feel better.

Change the attitude: This is most important step of you stress recovery. Somehow deep down your attitude is responsible for your stress to various extent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your attitude is necessarily bad. But maybe it’s not helping you in your current situation. We all know life in uncertain but for a while assume it’s good, it’s certain.
If something bad happened to you, something unfair. Don’t try to make it fair by counteracting. You’ll make your situation worse. Just let it go. Remember you are more precious than anything bad happened to you.
Think positively even in most negative situation. Trust me slowly it’ll start to bring positivity back in your life. Thinking positive has a very well recorded good psychological effect.
Give yourself credit even in very minute accomplishment. We all made some mistake at some point in our life, bad and unfair things happened to all of us, but holding on that we are actually depriving ourselves from the good of everyday life. If you forgot to cheer yourself maybe this is the reason of your stress or anxiety. Try to love your little achievements, think it as good for you and future ahead.
Try to help people in their need and influence their life in good way, even if it takes some time from your daily life. Don’t take it as a pressure just go with the flow. Don’t expect anything in return for your favor. Think as you did it for your own good.
Everyday try to make some free time for yourself. Don’t do the daily work in this time. You may go for a walk or even for a lite snacks. If you have a pet take it to a walk. If you don’t have a pet, I highly recommend you to have one. Having a constant company like a pet can be very beneficial for you. But if you are not sure about taking care of the pet maybe this is not the right time to have a pet.
Try to socialize a little more, call an old friend or a family member, talk to him/her about normal things. Don’t bring your stress in this communication. If you can make a habit of keeping your anxiety out of your conversation, you actually managed few moment away from your anxiety.
Welcome humor in your life, try to ease your mind, be playful and try to be comfortable in your surrounding.

Diet and drinks: Try to eat healthy, have a balance diet. And most importantly eat on time. Don’t delay your meals. Try to avoid junk food and fast food as much as possible. Try to limit your alcohol or caffeine intake, they are known to trigger anxiety.

Get enough sleep: Sometimes your stress are mostly physical, take enough rest or get enough sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try to go to bed early, try to initiate sleep. Remember the good memories are known to help fall asleep quicker. Don’t use your cellphone while you try to sleep, keep it in some distance from your bed, so that habitually you don’t end up browsing or using your favorite apps. Don’t sleep on a couch or other place. Use a comfortable place like bed. Clean your bed before going to sleep can make you fall sleep faster.

Physical activity: If you can manage time you can practice yoga, or light psychical exercise or cardio that can boost your confidence. Remember you’ll never overcome your anxiety with a low self confidence. So engage yourself in anything that you think can increase your confidence level.

Contact or counselling: Discuss with a very close friend or family member if you think it’ll be helpful, but don’t go out and talk about it with everyone. Cause, not all of them will help you and even some of them will be happy hearing you are suffering. If you need further help you can consult a physician and get some advice. But the best thing you can do is to motivate yourself to be good to you.

Hope this can help you to overcome your stress and relief your anxiety.
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