This Is The Best Time To Be A Media Operator & Entrepreneur

Rafat Ali
Rafat Ali
May 1, 2016 · 3 min read
  1. Because everyone else is saying it is not.
  2. Media scenesters are exiting.
  3. Because silly venture money is out of media, you will do it for the right reasons.
  4. Because the future of media is the present of media, as the present is the past of media.
  5. Media is the simplest of businesses: find a topic you really care for, report the shit out of it, find multiple ways to ask for money.
  6. Because everyone else is overcomplicating it.
  7. With Great Media-Tech Cleansing of 2016, costs are coming down, more talent to hire, cheaper.
  8. Tools to start your company are all free! Name any other industry where that is true.
  9. Because everything to help start & build your media company exists today, you don’t have to get trapped in tech stack.
  10. What else do you have to do? In case you haven’t noticed, media jobs are changing so fast, making your own job sound about right.
  11. If you’re mid-life & still just a mid functionary in media, life will suck from here on. Create a new one.
  12. Even if a subject area is crowded, your different worldview can allow you to create your own white space. Few other sectors allow for that.
  13. Because of glut of substandard media, incremental chances of quality breaking through are high.
  14. Lotsa potential greenfield/disruption opportunities outside general catch-all media, pick the right topic & own it.
  15. Because tools & sources now exist to go deep into a subject, opportunity to create deep/multi varied media company lot easier.
  16. Readers overwhelmed with choices, creating right packaged focused media actually is public service, they will come to you.
  17. Email still works, arguably even better in age of platforms, direct relationship creation never easier.
  18. You’ll be surprised how many people are desperate for longform deeply reported media, they’ll reward you for it.
  19. Volume matters less & less in media, which means low frequency quality can have impact.
  20. Audience development is now a science than a crapshoot of past decade, lot easier to build a funnel.
  21. Banners are everywhere/dead, which means creating right creative sponsorships actually break through for your clients.
  22. Because ad agencies are dying, media planners are idiots. You can build meaningful direct relationship with your sponsors.
  23. Selling premium subscriptions or packages has never been easier, tools, tech & consumer habit are right mix now.
  24. Because ecommerce and retail teaches you a lot about selling packages, lot exists to learn from.
  25. Because you’ll be surprised how much media is afraid to ask hard questions, just by asking, you can stand out.
  26. Using design to punch above your weight & break through has never been easier.
  27. If everyone else is shouting, creating quieter media will break through.
  28. Everyone is bullshitting about everything. Everyone pretending to be an expert is just inertia. You can create new ones.
  29. “Fuck it, we’re doing it” will take you very very far in media.

Rafat Ali

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Rafat Ali

CEO/Founder, Skift, travel intelligence startup. Founder, paidContent. New Yorker, Global Soul. My travel pics:

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