Introduction to Public Reputation Network ( A New, Decentralized, and incentives-based Internet.

It’s about bringing the balance and rewards to all Internet users that help to maintain it. PRN Community tokenizes reputation of public profiles for a purpose.

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What is Public Reputation Network (PRN)?

PRN is an incentivized real-time reputation measurement platform in which users can predict the reputation of public profiles, earn rewards by making a correct prediction, and most important create unique digital assets of yet unlisted profiles.

In short, PRN creates a new layer of reputation over the existing Internet protocol. Furthermore, it offers the users the ability to monetize and decentralize profits from information by creating digital assets.

Importance of PRN

Propaganda-based Public Image strategies have created doubts about the real reputation of entities. This low trust over current reputation indexes (for instance, Likes/followers on social media channels, number of 5-star reviews) created a gap for a real-time reputation measurement platform.

PRN filled this gap by offering an incentivized blockchain-based reputation measurement platform. Users can predict the reputation of all matters by casting plus (+) and minus (-) votes. The twist is that each user should cast balanced binary votes. For instance, if the member gives a minus (-) vote to one entity, then the person should balance this vote by giving a plus (+) vote to another one. After every 24 hours, so called Block-vote validates the votes and give the majority pool a reward, at the expense of the minority pool members.

The Balanced binary voting mechanism along with the reward for majority pool rule prevents bad actors from joining the network and to influence the PR of entities. PRN creates a vortex-based environment that will usher an age of accurate reputation and fair opinions.

Reputation Prediction

The best way to earn rewards in PRN is through predicting reputation. The key is to predict successfully, what most voters think about an entity in the 24-hour voting cycle. If the majority voted Plus (+) for an entity, then all those who voted (-) for that entity will lose their bid amount for that vote cycle. PRN distributes the losing pool proceeds to the members of the winning pool on a pro-rata basis.

Creating Digital Assets

PRN enables its members to create unique PR cards for the evaluated profiles. If evaluated entity attracts more than 100 votes the creator of the PR card is given an ability to create a Digital Asset (A token) for it using the Proof-of-Burn. 100 Value XPR needs to be burned each time a new community token is minted. There are two ways through which the users can earn rewards by creating a digital asset

1) Network Security Fees — Each vote has a network security fee attached to it. This fee protects the network against the bad actors who want to influence the reputation of listed profiles. Upon creation of a digital asset. The network security fees generated by the asset goes to the digital asset owners. (Token holders)

2) — This is the exchange and the marketcap for all PRN’s digital assets. All users can monitor their tokens, purchase, sell, and exchange them at any time. The value of all digital assets depends on several factors including (1) Baseline Price of XPR (2) Interest in a particular entity the token represent, and (3) the earning history of the token.

3) Stake in the PRN — PRN has an 2% inflation yearly. It is to prevent the system to collapse due to the proof-of-burn. Inflation is distributed weekly to PRN members who: (1) have the highest stake in the PRN (2) reached minimum 8th experience level.

Become our builders of digital assets that measure and value public matters. We invite you to come and join us in our quest for building a decentralized reputation layer over existing internet protocol. Our Token pre-sale starts 20th of Aprill at Stellar.

Development Roadmap

2014–2017 Pre-Production Phase

· Balanced Binary Voting Concept Development

· Public Reputation Network Initial concept

· Company Registration

· Team Formation

· Beta Version Launch

[January 2018] Production Phase

· Decentralized Token Exchange

· Stellar and Mobius Integration

· Creation of Utility Token & Token Factory

· User experience testing

[March 2018] Launch

· Public Announcement of PRN

· XPR Presale- April 20th at Stellar

· XPR Public Sale — July 1st at Stellar

· Community building and marketing

[2018 Q2+] PRN Ecosystem

· Total decentralization of network

· Rest API Release

· Developing Institutional Partnerships

· Protocol Expansion & Community Development