Paint your code with Bracket Pair Colorizer | VS Code

I would like to start this blog with this quote to emphasize the importance of color.

“Color creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of the painting.” — Kiff Holland

Coding is my life and I have been doing for a while now, as a child, I used to write code in Logo and BASIC where it’s all black background with a white foreground and you can’t do much about it. Totally helpless back then.

Few years after that, I learn HTML and back in those days we didn’t have any IDE for it or I might be unaware if there is one. I coded mostly in Notepad and formatted them as per my liking. Years passed by and I learned many languages and used many IDE’s and finally ended up using the VS Code.

I get very excited whenever I open up my VS Code because of the endless possibilities it provides. It also gives endless extension to suit the mode and liking of you, thanks to the love of people for VS Code.

So, here I am today, writing about the Bracket Pair Colorizer which I have fell in love with since the time I installed it.

Before moving any further, let see how your code will look like with and without this extension

Without Bracket Pair Colorizer

Above is a sample of code without any extension install where you can see a bunch of bracket which is very difficult to identify from one another because they all look same. Plain white and boring, without any imagination and life in it.

With Bracket Pair Colorizer

You can make a clear visual distinction between the two images, as this one has the extension installed. Each bracket has there own colour and as you move your cursor inside the bracket, section is highlighted of the corresponding colour.

I hope, this will make your life little easy and your coding much interesting.

By default (), [], and {} are matched, however custom bracket characters can also be configured. For settings you can visit the Visual Studio | Marketplace

How to install

You can install it using the VS Code extension. Just look for Bracket Pair Colorizer, hit install and reload after installation.

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