Bright furniture gives an elegant look to your home, but what could you do if your wooden furniture had scratches and strains? Obviously, you would like to remove these stains and want to make your furniture as bright as new!
Now you've two options;
Repair and polish furniture with the help of a carpenter.
Polish your furniture by yourself at home.
So, have a look at these two ways, option number one is quite expensive and everyone can't afford it easily.
Here we suggest going with option number two. It is not very difficult, rather it is affordable and desirable too.

Firstly, scrub the surface with the help of scrubber or fiber cloth to clean dirt, grime and dust particles. To clean it, you can use either a ready made wood cleaner or you can also make a home cleaner, by adding;
Vinegar and lemon juice in hot water.
Dish wash in hot water.
Apply one of these two cleaners thoroughly to wipe down the surface of furniture , when you completely done the whole surface, then immediately wipe down the furniture with a dry fiber cloth.

Use hand gloves to avoid any infection.
Immediate dryness is necessary as water can give a bad effect.
Use microfiber cloth as they are less likely to damage the wood.

You can use a microfiber cloth or a flat brush to polish, for cloth;
Put the cloth on the top of the can then flip the polish, so that it will absorb in the cloth.
Then, apply it softly on the surface of wood in the same direction.

Keep the room fully ventilated to prevent toxic fumes.
Keep away children and animals from entering this area during work.
Be sure to wear masks before applying polish.

A ready-made polish is the easiest method in how to polish wooden furniture at home.
Other than a microfiber cloth, you can use a flat brush to polish your furniture. Make sure that the movement of your hand during polishing must be in one direction.

Use only oil or wood polish on furniture instead of water, as water can cause the wood to crack.
Apply polish firstly on the hidden areas of furniture, to make sure that there will be no undesirable results.

When the polish on wooden furniture becomes completely dry then do the next step. It is one of the toughest methods but it gives strength, shine and durability to your furniture.

Be careful to apply varnish, take a new flat brush, dip the brush in the varnish box and then apply on the wooden surface, move your hand gently to avoid lumps on it.
After applying a single coat, you can do one more coat of varnish to clear the strokes and even the level of surface.

Use only new varnish and brush to avoid lumps.
Room should be properly ventilated or in an open area.
Don't touch it before drying, that is approximately 24 hours.
To follow these steps, you can easily polish your wooden furniture at home. These things are not only giving shine to your furniture but also nourishing the furniture, due to this your house is being nourished.



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