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Dear Zainab

I know you aren’t the only one reading this e-mail, and within the next few minutes, my friendship with Arbab will go in veins.

He’s not the one. Trust me when I say, he’s not the one. Since the moment I have met you, he was more than just a chip in my shoulder. Every single time I planned to spend a platonic evening with you, he would be at the drop of a hat to not make that happen. …

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My Demon

Mohaimenul Nicholas

It seemed as if the Holy Light of heaven had been poured upon the moon that night. It radiated mystical light. I have never seen such effulgence before. As I gazed upon the irradiated night sky, a baffling melody swept past my mind. A melody that wasn’t attractive at all. But I couldn’t resist hearing it. The melody reflected the tormented voice of a dead chicken. It was rather bewildering. Yet, I couldn’t resist.

At last, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the source of such a blabbering humming. …

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Imagine colours. Limited to an indigo overcast, and a never ending surface of uplifting aqua. The birds would chirp a devoted music, breaking the silence. Fishes would paint pictures of their lively life in a river full of ripples. A place where humanity doesn’t breathe that much, yet none shall be that desolate. That was the life of Hamid Hoque, the Maajhi (The boatman).

He would start his day with Fazr Prayers. After coming home and having breakfast he would sail from the river near his house, and disappear to a kingdom of serenity. After travelling for an hour, he would reach in the vicinity, a small town. There he would find tourists and stopgap travellers, who would hire him to roam along on the river for some time. Two to three rides would earn Hamid enough to buy lunch, and fish food. …


Rafeed Chowdhury

A passionate dreamer. I believe there is a writer inside every one of us; we all write for our targeted audience.

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