Triple cheating or Driving is for Drones

Many if not most people look down on cheating. But I have found great success with cheating. I started off with small cheating then I tried double cheating. When I got comfortable with double cheating I tried triple cheating and it was greatly satisfying.

Cheating is riding a hybrid ebike with battery and motor.

Cheating with an ebike provides you transportation faster than a car in urban traffic along with almost no cost. No registration, no tax, no licence, no insurance, no gas and about 25 watt hours per mile (Edison charges 11 cents for 1000 watt hours). Urban trips of under 10 miles are actually faster on an ebike than a car.

Same start point same end point yet ebike is almost 3 minutes faster even though it goes on a longer route. And this does not include the 5 to 10 min spent walking to car and then parking it and walking to station. Even with uber there is a 5 to 10 minute wait till it shows up in addition to the travel time.

Double cheating is taking your ebike on the local metro

Double cheating multiplies your ebike range and speed to be car compatible in urban congested environments.

Below are maps of LA and bay area with a 5 mile radius circle at each transit station, For LA I used metro and metrolink and for Bay area used BART and Caltrain.

LA metro/metrolink 5 mile radius
Bay area Bart / Caltrain stations with 5 mile radius coverage

Triple Cheating is taking your ebike on Amtrak

Travel light discard extra stuff put all you need on a backpack and go on ebike train trip. When you get to your destination you don’t need rental car or uber etc your transportation travels with you.

Driving is so 20th century. Driving 6 hrs with 1 hr for stops or 7 hrs is like literally smoking for 7 hrs. Sitting frozen mindlessly driving it is very hard to do once you have alternatives. The other alternative is flying. Flying means 1.5 hrs of driving parking 1.5 hr of security checkin 1 hr of flying 1.5 hour of getting out renting car and driving to your destination altogether 5.5 hrs for a 1 hr flight. If you want to do any work the only time is 40 min in flight after takeoff and before landing. And it is also draining.

Sitting in Amtrak with a desk wifi no interruption for 4 hours with a bathroom around the corner was more productive then i had in some full work days. I took the Amtrak leaving work a few hours early and got to Berkeley in 9 hrs. 2 hours more than driving but I got almost 5 hours unbroken quality time to work do emails and surf. And when you get there your ebike is with you so is your mobility. No taxi, uber etc..

And by the way once you get to your destination you can still do cheating. Its faster than a car.

Or as the song goes deserters we are called. Be a deserter. Driving is for Drones.

Summary Enjoy life car free.