Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Owen, I am a fan of both your work and Jeremy Corbyn. I was a fairly ardent supporter of his politics, honesty, and track record; your piece has given me cause to think more about the implications of his unpopularity with the establishment media and the electorate in general.

I think, as you referenced in your book on the establishment, that having Jeremy Corbyn in charge has helped to shift the “Overton window” back towards the left. However, his lack of media presence has worried me from day 1. There have been countless occasions where the clear and worrying failings of the tory party should have been shouted from the rooftops and this simply was not done. The torys have implemented barbaric policy after barbaric policy and this needs a strong, vocal. and credible opposition.

I think you have raised many valid points that need to be addressed and I do think that unfortunately Jeremy is not an election winner, but I will not be voting for another Tony Blair. I think Corbyn is one of the few honest politicians, his voting record speaks for itself, and a genuine force for good. Unfortunately I doubt that the machinations of the PLP and the blue Labour forces will be satisfied with anything less than a Blairite neoliberal who is electable but delivers little socialism or left-wing policies.

We need to keep pushing the shift to the left. We need a left wing candidate that will drive the country in a positive direction, who will highlight how it is tory failings and divisive dog-whistle politics that are causing many of the inequalities and inadequacies that are driving the people of this country into the ground. I think we need to be careful in supporting any change in leadership that will give ground to the right, rather than more ardently championing the left. What we don’t need is a shift towards the blairite agenda. We need a vocal, strong left, that can champion democracy, equality, and strength. Perhaps you are correct that Jeremy cannot be this candidate. I honestly wish that I thought you were wrong.