Job Prospects for Voice User Interface Design (VUI Design)

Since announcing our Voice User Interface Design course built in collaboration with Amazon Alexa, several people have asked about the job prospects for Voice UI Designers, so I decided to do some research.

Being ready for the voice-first era is amongst the highest priorities for leading companies around the globe.

Because of this there is a huge need for specialized talent who are ready for this next big frontier in technology. Googling the term “careers voice user interface design” yields 319 jobs on Indeed, 569 jobs on LinkedIn, and another 325 on Glassdoor.

Looking a little further into it, I found that there are a gazillion other jobs around VUI that are not titled VUI, such as Siri Designer, Conversational Interface Designer, or Voice User Interface Engineer (which requires knowledge of UI/VUI as well as some coding such as C++). Often the job ads are simply titled ‘User Interface Designer’ and knowledge of VUI is then found in the job description.

Companies hiring Voice UI Designers come from all areas, but there is a strong trend in automotive, electronics, enterprise systems and telecommunications industries — no big surprises there! However, over the next few years, voice design will become the norm in many other industries and help us to efficiently carry out many online transactions. As VentureBeat put it: “Texting, making a phone call, troubleshooting a wireless problem, showing me pictures from my vacation, researching a complex topic — they are all voice-enabled today to some extent, but not exactly voice-friendly yet.”

“Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017” The Verge

The Verge reported that this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, one of the world’s largest trade show for electronics, was dominated by voice services such as Amazon Alexa. From LG’s voice powered refrigerator, to Ford adding Alexa into its F-150, to Huawei putting Alexa apps into its phones by default, voice is everywhere. And where manufacturers have not yet launched a voice powered product, you can certainly bet that they are working on doing so at lightning speed.

Still wondering if there are enough job prospects for Voice UI Designers?

To summarize:

  • Becoming voice-first is a top priority for companies today (instead of mobile-first).There is huge amount being invested into developing voice technologies, and a big need for talented designers who are ready to turn their hand to voice interactions.
  • Voice interfaces are currently being deployed into products at ALL major companies in the automotive, electronics, enterprise systems and telecommunications sector.
  • Specializing in VUI now will make you the go-to person for all things voice in your company and set you apart for at least the next decade

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If you are interested in more information, I am currently working on putting together even more data and info on the job market for voice. Coming soon….

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