The best Atom resources.

GitHub’s Atom is rapidly maturing into one of the best code editors available. I’ve put together a list of the top 10 best Atom packages.

Here are my 10 essential add-ons to make Atom the perfect IDE.

Atom Terminal

Launch terminal app on current file’s directory with “Ctrl-Shift-T” in Atom.

Atom Autocomplete Module Import

Search & install NPM packages from import/require statements powered by Algolia.


Beautify HTML (including Handlebars), CSS (including Sass and LESS), JavaScript, and much more in Atom.

A Color Picker for Atom

Right click and select Color Picker, or hit CMD-SHIFT-C/CTRL-ALT-C to open it. Currently reads HEX, HEXa, RGB, RGBa, HSL, HSLa, HSV, HSVa, VEC3 and VEC4 colors — and is able to convert between the formats.

Duplicate Line or Selection

Duplicates the selection if there is one, otherwise, duplicates the line.

CSS Declaration Sorter Package

Sorts CSS declarations fast and automatically in a certain order.


A task board made from TODO comments in your code and text files


A package to display colors in project and files.

Advanced Open File

Advanced Open File is a package for helping Atom users to open files and folders easily. It can also create new files and folders if they don’t exist.


Linter is a base linter provider for the hackable Atom Editor. It provided in-editor code validation.

What are your favorite Atom packages?