Raffaele Riva: The International Businessman

Raffaele Riva is the founder and co-owner of the AUREA Multi Family Office, an international enterprise that includes subsidiaries Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali SA, and Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, in Lugano, Switzerland, as well as BGB AUREA Ltd in London, UK, and Milano Fiduciaria S.r.l., in Milan, Italy. Riva, as founder and partner at AUREA, maintains an active influence over the operations of these subsidiaries, and personally oversees important transactions, as well as managing certain private investments.

AUREA’s Corporate Specialties

AUREA, along with its subsidiaries, specializes in private investment, wealth, and asset management and provides personalized services to high profile, affluent investors.

A family office such as AUREA is a recently developed business model that provides a much more customized and personally tailored service than most conventional wealth and asset management companies can offer. While the convention has been to create generic products that can then be sold to investors, the focus of a family office such as AUREA is on creating unique, customized investment strategies that specifically address each client’s particular interests and financial goals.

Riva and his team of top-tier professionals at AUREA and its subsidiaries have earned an international reputation for excellence in managing international transactions. These strategic deals have spanned the financial spectrum, and include mergers and acquisitions, sales of shares, corporate financing, start-ups, club deals, mutual funds, international real estate, as well as wealth and asset management.

In one recently publicized transaction, Riva, as representative of AUREA and acting as the seller’s sole advisor and agent, negotiated and managed the sale of all shares of Spanish corporation Ventilación Industrial Ind. SL, owners of the popular CASALS brand, to Vortice S.p.A.

Riva founded AUREA Multifamily Office with a focus on providing the highest quality of service to high-net-worth international investors, serving as both a facilitator and as an advisor to his clients. Riva and his team rely on a large global network of banks, investors, asset managers, fund managers, mutual funds, hedge funds, tax attorneys, and insurance companies to support client transactions. AUREA also provides asset management services for businesses as well as individuals, and serves alternative as well as traditional investors.

Raffaele Riva’s Philosophy and Outlook

Riva maintains an active role in AUREA’s subsidiary companies, acting as chairman of three of the companies and vice-chairman of the other. In his leadership role at these companies, he brings year’s of expertise and a highly successful track record in such areas as wealth and asset management, portfolio management, corporate financing, wealth and estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, international taxes, and other areas. Riva’s areas of specialties and client services focus on both alternative and traditional investments.

An energetic and passionate businessman always ready to welcome new opportunities that can lead to growth, Riva is inspired by innovative ideas, visionary entrepreneurs, and by staying up to date on current events and global trends. As an investor, he supports emerging start-ups as they launch, and then assists them with growing the company.

His professional experience in launching several of his own firms, as well as the management and operation of several subsidiaries, has taught him what it takes to grow a successful company. Riva focuses on providing maximum client satisfaction by maintaining excellent professional relationships with partners as well as fellow investors. He makes sound business decisions by responding to contemporary market trends and staying current on disruptive new technologies that may influence and affect his business ventures.

Riva is also passionate in his quest to improve life and provide genuine benefit for his clients. The projects that provide him the most satisfaction are those that not only prove to be profitable, but also display disruptive innovation and genuinely improve life for his clients.

“Providing value in the lives of your clients has been always extremely important for my long-term business success,” he states. “When you wake up each morning asking for more ways to better serve and satisfy your clients, you will dramatically boost your business. Always think in terms of serving, and even if your client was the one who was wrong, take the initiative to fix things and correct them immediately: it will provide value in their life.”

Riva’s philosophy in both his personal and professional life is: “Pursue what you love and let life experience guide you.”

He is committed to maintaining an optimistic mindset and taking efficient advantage of new ideas and opportunities when they arise. Describing what makes him most productive as a businessman, he states: “To think always positive and to be kept up-to-date. To be curious to learn in any circumstance. Read a lot and everything, watch and listen to any topic of interest.”

Riva’s enthusiasm and passion are evident in his daily routine. Starting his average day at around 7:30 AM and working until about 9 PM, he maintains a daily journal and task list, focusing on completing the day’s most important activities as early as possible.

While business and pleasure may often mingle in Riva’s life, he has many personal interests and hobbies outside of his professional activities. Fluent in Italian, English and French, Riva is a wine connoisseur as well as a modern art collector. He is also a member of the Monaco Yacht Club and the London Reform Club, and practices several sports, including skiing, racing, and scuba diving. He is also a connoisseur and collector of classic cars.

Born in 1962, Mr Riva graduated from Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy in 1987, graduating with honors and multiple specialties and receiving his Economics Degree, and in 1989, completed a graduate degree in accounting at the same university, and earning the Dottore Commercialista certification which denotes him as a qualified accountant in Italy.

Chairman at AUREA Consulenti Associati SA, based in London, United Kingdom and Rome, Italy.

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