Are any two things more synonymous than charities and raffles?

We’ve all encountered raffle fundraisers - kindhearted souls who are deeply involved with local charities. They used to go door-to-door selling raffle tickets to raise funds for good causes — and woe betide you if you didn’t purchase!

Lost your wallet? Well, they’ll put you down for three strips and pop round for the money later.

Don’t have any money at all? Well how unfortunate, they’ll put you down for one strip and you can pay at your earliest convenience.

Just don’t want to enter the raffle?

Empty sports stadiums feel the pressures of Covid-19

If you’ve been worried about whether your favourite team would survive Covid-19…, we don’t blame you. It’s been a hard time for an industry that relies on people standing shoulder-to-shoulder in stadiums.

Well, worry no longer! We’re here to share some good news. Thanks to platforms like Raffall, sports teams have been able to adapt to the strange new world we have been plunged into.

Raffall has provided sports clubs with an alternative source of revenue that has not only seen our favourite teams safely through lockdown, but has also brought them a lot closer to their fans.

(Which is pretty impressive, given that social distancing means that, physically speaking, they can’t actually get anywhere near their fans!)

Raffall enables you to host your own competitions and start selling raffle tickets publically or privately with the option to keep the proceeds from ticket sales yourself or to donate all or part of them to a registered charity of your choice.

Play Raffall’s Free Lottery and you’ll have the chance to win multiple cash prizes on each draw!

How does it work?

Just like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, Raffall uses advertising to generate revenue. This means advertisers fund the lottery instead of ticket sales!

Watch this 50 second explainer video to see how it works.

“Advertising revenue is given away as prizes meaning that advertisers fund this lottery instead of ticket sales!”

Is this so different to what we’re used to?

Think about it for a moment, none of us pay to use Social Media and yet we all know that these companies make billions of dollars in ad revenue that enable them to…

When people tell you that something sounds too good to be true; it usually is!

But like most things in life, their are often exceptions to the rules and this is certainly one of them.

“You’ve got to be in it, to win it!”

Today, we’re excited to unveil Raffall, a new way to discover and enter real raffles and win real prizes all at the lowest fixed odds! You can download our app on iOS or Android today to start winning!

When people think of a raffle, they think of buying a raffle ticket to win a prize. Their are usually no limits to the amount of tickets available which means that the more tickets sold, the greater the profit for the host and the worse the chance of winning actually becomes.

We wanted to evolve this age-old process and bring it to the 21st century by enabling people to enter raffles directly from their smartphones but whilst at the same time providing both security and complete transparency to the entire process.


A SaaS platform that enables users to host their own raffles and prize competitions online whilst at all times ensuring that the participants are protected.

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