How To Win £1,000

Play Raffall’s Free Lottery and you’ll have the chance to win a minimum jackpot of £1,000 on each draw!
“Revenue from advertisers is given away as prizes meaning that this lottery is 100% free to enter!”
Locate the Free Lottery card by swiping through the deck

How does it work?

It’s simple! Hit the ‘Play’ button and you’ll see an ad and we’ll put the revenue it generates into a prize pool to be shared amongst the winners! The more people that enter, the bigger the prize pool!

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing. It’s absolutely free! Our Free Lottery is funded by advertising and therefore the only thing that it costs you, is 30 seconds of your time!

“Win a £1,000 first prize or one of many smaller prizes.”
View ratings and reviews from all winners!

How much can you win?

Win a £1,000 first prize or one of many smaller prizes every single draw!

How do you receive your winnings?

Your winnings are automatically credited to your winnings account where it can be transferred to your Raffall balance or withdrawn via PayPal immediately.

“Get extra tickets by sharing our Free Lottery in Facebook and Twitter”
Your Free Lottery tickets are all batched together

How many tickets can you have?

You can get 1 free ticket per day by watching video ads as well as 2 additional tickets by sharing our free lottery in Facebook and Twitter;

That’s a maximum of 9 tickets per draw if you want to increase your chances of winning!

Remember — ‘you’ve got to be in it, to win it!’

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