Investors reveal why they chose us

Our investors are everything to us at Raffle House. Without them we couldn’t spread the word about what we’re doing. And having exceeded even our expectations of £200,000 with our Seedrs crowdfunding campaign — we thought we would ask our investors why they chose us. What was it that made them put their hard-earned cash into Raffle House?

We sat down with two of our Seedrs investors, filmmaker Olive (33) and events manager Lu (33). Here’s what they had to say:

What attracted you to investing in Raffle House?

Olive: For me it was having an idea that stands out and Raffle House is just that! There hasn’t been a lot of change in the property market for a long time, so I was interested in being part of something new and different. Also, the fact that part of the company’s profits go to homelessness charities brings a social enterprise angle to the world of gambling and raffles.

Lu: From a business perspective it’s an interesting model and everyone loves a game. The prize is tangible and universally appealing, and, from a supply point of view, the opportunity for growth is brilliant! It’s a new idea in an antiquated estate agency market.

What are your own experiences of buying a house?

Lu: Buying my first house was a nightmare! I ended up threatening to report an estate agent to the property ombudsman and it took ages getting the deal over the line. The Raffle House prize draw only has a few months left, and there will be no delays with checks, mortgage meetings, etc. for the winner. I know only one person wins but I think it’s worth the punt

Olive: The prospect of buying a house is exciting but the process has a fairly painful amount of legal too-ing and fro-ing. Raffle House seems to offer a neatly packaged mechanism to become a home owner, which is great from an investment perspective.

Any last words on Raffle House or the property market?

Olive: I’ve seen lots of friends struggle with getting onto the ladder. The reality is we are changing the way we work — more people are setting up new business and working for themselves. It doesn’t seem like the financial institutions have adapted to this though, so the likelihood of being able to get a mortgage is even further diminished. Raffle House seems to have found a unique way of giving someone a chance.

Lu: Generation Rent is a real issue for many of my friends, which means getting on the housing ladder can be almost impossible, especially in London. Raffle House offers a tangible solution, I love the idea.

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