Making our dream your reality

And what we’re doing to get our property awarded in June

Raffle House

What do we want? A house winner!

When do we want it? June!

How do we get it? Cut the ticket threshold by 20%!


Central London. Worth £650,000. Yours for £5. Stamp Duty & legal fees all paid by us.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve cut our minimum ticket threshold by a fifth from 150,000 to 120,000 so we can honour our promise of awarding a house as the prize to our competition and not cash. It’s a bold move but we’re here to debunk the naysayers and negative press stories that have been clogging the news around our industry.

At Raffle House we spend a lot of time collecting, monitoring and analysing our marketing data. We’ve seen a rise in scepticism that has been denting our progress; with about 50 competitions springing up and failing since we launched, the cynicism is understandable, and we need to be better to be the best. Therefore, we’ve taken the step of cutting the threshold to directly address this dip in confidence, to demonstrate our commitment to our goal while also making our mission that much more attainable — for one of our customers to win our property come June.

We’re now that much closer to our goal of getting the job done.

Our data shows that we only need about 20,000 more entrants and our work here will be done. The property will be the prize. That’s really not a lot; with about half of the UK population playing the lottery regularly, it amounts to about 0.05% of us. To conceptualise what that means for you, dear reader (and forgive the lazy analogy), they say that if you know six people you know everyone so, to put it another way, it’s your friends’ friends’, friends’, friends’, friends’, friends and we’re well over the new threshold.

We don’t even need the full six degrees of separation to achieve our new goal.

Exciting times. If you want to be a part of the property revolution and own your own Central London flat for just £5, head over to Raffle House now (and make sure to tell your friends about us too).

Raffle House

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A £10 ticket to your dream home. Enter now and change your life.

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