Fear: The biggest enemy for you to thrive

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The original concept of fear is an emotional response to a real possibility of danger, pain and threat. That’s how it works in the animal world.

In our world, fear is anything related to the perceived possibility of danger. Our biggest mistake is to enter in “fear mode” for common things.

Experiencing constant fear because of daily problems is a recipe for disaster.

We can say this because fear is capable of changing our whole body. When in danger, our body is capable of improving both muscular and strength performance in a matter of seconds — process known as the fight-or-flight moment.

Now, imagine the experience of feeling this “boost” in a regular basis. Your energy will drain and you’ll become stressed, wrecking your whole nervous system.

The best way to do good work is to have your mind “in shape”. You are doing the work, you are the “machine” and a broken machine isn’t useful.

Our daily fear: Committing

There’s no bigger barrier than committing to starting your own thing or do your own work. You’ll always find excuses or problems to commit, such as:

  • Is my work relevant for someone?
  • What people will think?
  • How will they react?
  • How will I find clients?
  • Will I lose focus?
I didn’t want to say that, but your mind is lazy.

It will trick you into thinking that failing is such a bad thing, that you’ll run away from it. Most of the times you won’t even start what you intended to do just to prevent failure.

Yes, I know you are thinking: That’s what I do every day! I did that too during many years of my life. No problem, there’s always an exit sign somewhere.

Overcoming an old fear: Failure

Have you ever noticed that failure is one of the most common experiences in your life?

I’m not being radical here. You were born as a baby, without any knowledge, and you had to learn everything until now. We all experienced failure for years, hidden in common names and processes of education.

The main difference is: Society built the idea that every action you take on your adult life is definitive. That’s not right. We all have many years ahead of us and we all can afford some failures in our way. We just need to bounce back after every mistake and keep our goal’s focus.

Take the startup world as an example. Entrepreneurs see failure as a good thing. It’s such a big deal for them that they can even get a job because of that. A person who failed already experienced real-world business and is now more prepared to succeed.

Success without mistakes is lucky. Instead, failure teaches you how to succeed.

That’s true, but that’s not easy like that. You’ll need courage and mindset to keep your goals without losing your track.

The best solution to fear: Courage

Fear of failure is what prevents most of the people to start anything in their life. Courage is a strong feeling that fool us into believing that we aren’t afraid.

Even though we tell ourselves we aren’t, we are afraid. If a person is about to jump from a Cliff and he’s an experienced base jumper, he still has that strange feeling in his stomach. Yes, that real one called fear. After he jumps, an adrenaline reaction boosts his body to react faster to danger. The fear is there, the reaction is there, but the courage overcame it.

As you’re able to notice in this example:
Belief(courage) > Emotion(fear) = Boost(adrenaline)

Life is a matter of mindset. If you can learn how to build and change yours, you can succeed.

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