Liberia Military Force

Liberia’s Armed Forces is the national Army of the nation.

The country’s Armed Forces were restructured in 2005 and their members are around 2000 soldiers.

Camouflage patterns of the Liberia Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Liberia use the traditional olive green uniforms. During the 1980 decade the Army wore leaf or ERDL camouflage pattern. Also, the tiger stripe camouflage pattern was also worn around 1980 or before.

Currently the Armed Forces of Liberia wear M81 woodland camouflage pattern uniforms.

Most of the uniforms and equipment are supplied by the US.

At present the unofficial motto of the Armed Forces is the defense of human rights and the professionalization of the Army as a way to contribute to the country’s progress. This effort its expected to bring development and security to the country.

It is notable the importance of the Armed Forces of Liberia for the national security as for the economic progress of the country, since the government has put as a priority different programs to assist and to train the members of the Armed Forces.

The country has since 2008 a new legislature called the New National Defense Act that has seek to ensure a fair military justice system that respects the rule of law.

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