RAFF Military Textile for Kenya Defense Forces

Kenya Defense Force is divided into Army, Air Force and Navy. Each of these arms has its own uniform that not only identified the soldier but also the type of force to which he or she belongs to and the functions concerning its position.

There are utility uniforms, Service uniforms and formal or gala uniforms and sportswear.

Utility Uniforms:

This are the working uniforms that are worn by the soldiers in a daily bases. For each force there are army combat uniform, Air Force Flight Suit, Navy Suit and doctor and nurse uniform for each of them.

Service Uniforms:

The service uniform is used as formal dressing. It includes (often) trousers, pressed collared shirt, coat and polished black shoes and it is use in special events as ceremonies, funerals, state functions among others.

Mess Dress:

Know as Mess Dress or Mess Uniform it refers to the formal evening dress worn by soldiers during events such as formal dinners, balls, among others. It includes mess jacket, trouser, formal shirt and accessories.


It refers to physical training uniforms that are worn by soldiers for training. Often the sportswear includes shorts, shirt, shoes, socks and accessories as water cans, hats, among others.

The color pallet use by the Kenya Armed Forces includes kaki, olive green, red, black and blue depending on the type of the force and the duties.

About RAFF Military Textile

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