Tactical Clothing For Military And Police

Designed for professional and extreme use…

In RAFF Military Textile we have an excellent team that designs tactical clothing for military and police according to the technical standards of every nation.

This type of garments are characterized by having particular specifications, because they allow to satisfy needs as protection against external agents and comfort at the same time.

We offer in our catalog shirts, t-shirts, jackets,socks, pants, thermal clothing, balaclava, boots, reflective garments, uniforms, backpacks or suitcases and hats.

Tactical equipment RAFF Military Textile

In addition to technical considerations, we make sure that our tactical equipment link between comfort and durability, and also to implement technological and innovation aspects that allow the military and police to always improve their performance.

Size info

Sizes recommended by the users. For more information visit our website: www.raff.com.tr and write us: lar@raff.com.tr