modern day lovestory

i went to the tailor to get my heart stitched

as it had been toyed with and tossed

and with a jagged edge it was ripped.

the tailor, she said to me,

how much sadder can you be?

with an open heart and a pair of soulless eyes

the cold will seal you shut from the inside.

and so she got to knitting and as she did,

she put a button on my heart’s only tip

and made me promise that if it would ever rip

back to the tailor’s i’d have a trip.

and as one would expect some trips did i have,

to the tailor who’d stitch me up real fast,

though each time i left she’d always say

to come back eventually another day.

sadly, time passed, and so did she,

and i came to her grave in misery.

now my heart is beyond repair

and is stuffed with but

the winter air.

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