The Thing That Matters Most

Have you noticed, maybe only recently, that as you get a little older, the defining things that matter to you have begun to change?

Maybe your focus shifts a little. Or what inspires you and motivates you is a little different to what it was a couple years ago. Maybe the drive for the accumulation of money as an entry into the pissing contest fades? It has for me.

My business or product ideation process used to revolve purely around how much earnings potential it had.

How big is the potential market and how much can I potentially make?

And that, I think is why I haven’t had a runaway success yet. My heart hasn’t truly been in it. I haven’t been driven by a focused passion or motivation greater than myself. Going into business purely for money’s sake, selling a product that I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in may work for some people, but for me it has meant the fire begins to die. Without really knowing it, I began a search for something more.

Obviously, money brings with it freedom and the ability to do what you want, but what if you don’t truly truly know what you want, then it’s only a smokescreen. Money for a purpose, a true, born from your deepest heart purpose is a different matter.

What impact do I want to make, and how much of an impact can I potentially make?

That, I feel is a better question for business and product ideation.

My maturing mind and heart are now guiding me to find what matters most to me, what would give my life purpose. Where to focus my energies to live an impactful and effective life.

Living a self-obsessed existence means that at the end you leave the world having changed nothing, improved nothing, and leave nothing to be remembered for. Doesn’t the opposite sound better?

Having now binge-listened to Tim Ferriss and Lewis Howes podcast interviews ( thanks, guys ) with dozens of incredible people who have achieved amazing things, and are all working to each make a positive change in the world I’m feeling super inspired. Hearing the stories and the wisdom of some of the world’s most impactful humans has helped to centre my motivating energies.

And where I want to focus those energies is to help those that cannot help themselves — children and animals. Both are innocent. Both become caught up in tragedies not of there own making. That’s where I want to make a difference. That’s where I want my impact to be.

My wonderful wife shares the same desire — see my previous post.

Now I’m embarking on a journey of self-discovery. As cliched as that sounds, I need to figure out a clear purpose, a specific set of goals for the next few years, and how I’m go to go about achieving them. I’ll keep you posted.