No dreamer has ever tell that they used to be afraid too. No one ever tell that sometimes talking to another person is like burying yourself underground — you hope them to notice that you are drowning but knowing exactly that they wouldn’t.

We open up our torrent of freedom to let ouself go. Not knowing exactly where should we come back. Whether we come from different planet or different realities — it truly doesn’t matter.

Our spaces made us wonder — are we alone? But our oceans made us drown — how deep is it there? Questions will not be over until we find the depth of everything. Everything.

In the corner of time, we woke, so be it. We made ourself whoever we want us to be. You make me become a scientist for no reason. How can you forget? The time when no time should not be called time, you tell us, we testify. Thus we were born. Torn apart into different planet called human. Thus we were lead to different spaces called societies. Thus we were being astrayed to different realities called imagination.

So we create our own parentheses, at one side our faces, the other, our own realities. We make mistakes so that we should not be forget of why we exist.