What is enough?

Ever since I was a child I was taught to live for myself. I was taught to think for myself, and act upon my personal moral. However, it was never easy for me to do this, as the standards that society put on everyone were constantly chasing me into a never ending series of things I never wanted to do for myself. I would go on strict diets, even when I was still a little 8 year old girl, to meet the beauty standards that were thrown out at the world. I would cry myself to sleep, thinking I wasn’t pretty enough… or skinny enough… or tall enough.

The last two years my body went through a tremendous change in all shapes and forms, which ended last year, when I finally understood something that made me want to stop suffering over this. And my friend, which some of you know as “mimo”, told me the following:

“Perfect is not good enough.”

And I never thought this through until the time came this year, when I was reaching rock bottom. This is how I think of it: “Good enough” depends on every person. The reason why “perfect” doesn’t exist, is because settling for perfect is impossible. Out there, somewhere in the world, someone will always be better at something than you. That doesn’t mean you’re not the best at something, but it means that you will never be perfect, because just like you, others will also have the chance to be better than you at something.

That’s why, and it took me this long to figure this out, stressing over silly things like being “the hottest one”, is toxic stress, that will cause us no good. We can’t hope to be the best at everything, and to be standing at the top of the list. All humans, especially teenagers going through insecurity at this point of time, should know that being good enough for yourself is all that matters.

Nobody really knows this, but last year, around April, I was diagnosed by my nutritionist as pre anorexic. It was nothing serious, because I noticed before it was too late, and I decided to act upon this thought, but setting my mind to know that I didn’t have to keep on suffering over something that didn’t exist made me want to keep going, and shaped me into the person I am today.

And it not only applies to weight and body figure. Thousands of people around the planet, even kids and toddlers, live on the mindset to be perfect and to reach top at everything they do, but they’re never taught that it’s impossible. Humans are constantly changing and evolving into something, sometimes different, but always into something better. We can’t hope to be the best, and “top” at everything we do, because if we live by that mentality, we will never reach happiness. We will never come to terms with the idea of happiness: which requires us to, not only use our passions, strengths and values as our life radar, but also to embrace our flaws, and love each and every one of our imperfections, which make us authentic individuals.

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