Hi! I just heard all the songs that you gave to me. I dont know how to act or think, or maybe told to you. The only thing that i feel now, my heart full with guilt. I thought leaving you was a big fault that i ever made. I miss you and i wanted us to be same as we should be.

Hanging out, watching movie, holding hands, mocking at what people wore in the mall, comparing our favorite songs, laughing our old friends, crying on the tv by refugees news, eating our dog’s snacks, having sex until we got exhausted, talking about our ex, planning our future, cooking cookies, arguing which singer do it better, debating which bra fit to my outfit, washing tons of your underwear after you went back from hiking, oh, and another activity that we should do it together.

Im sure you will not miss it because you busy build a new future with the new bitch who always wear push up bra that makes you fall into her. You must be busy fucking her.

But, if you dont miss me, why your new bitch came to my house, cried into her haunted house. She told me that she always heard our song rang from your work room?

Dear, if you dont miss me, why i found our wedding picture beside your body when you dead?