6 Toxic Habits to Avoid if You Want to Be Happy

I want to ask you a question : do you want to be happy ? You’ll most likely say yes. I have another one : are you living in a way that makes you happy ? You’ll most likely say no.

Sometimes, we can be really good at destroying our own lives, and sabotaging our existence without even realizing it, and that’s especially true when it comes to our happiness.

Here are 6 really bad habits that you should avoid at all cost because they will make it impossible for you to be happy.

1. Negative self-talk

Everyone makes mistakes, yet everyone seems to forget it. Constant self-criticism is one of the worst habits you can pick up. When you’re always saying to yourself that you’re full of flaws, worthless, not good at anything, or anything like that, you’ll end up believing it. How can you be happy when you think that you don’t even deserve it ? You can’t.

2. Playing the victim

This is a very common mistake. If you’re always complaining, always finding someone else to blame, or constantly trying to find excuses to justify you not taking action and not taking responsibility for your life, then you can’t even hope to enjoy your life. When you’re always complaining and being the victim, you’re basically giving up the control you have over your life, and pretending to be at the mercy of some outside circumstances that you can’t control, when in fact, you know that it isn’t true at all. It’s just easier to blame than to make a change in life.

3. Comparing yourself with others

Also a common issue. You see someone and they just seem to have it all. The nice car, the expensive house, the luxurious lifestyle, and you find yourself asking : why can’t I have that ? You’ll become obsessed with measuring your life with theirs, as soon as you do something, you check the other person to see if they’re better than you. Yo’ll become addicted to looking for reassurance. Let me tell you something, it will never make you satisfied.

You’ll always be looking for someone to compete with, and you’re never happy with what you have, so you’ll continue to waste time and energy until you realize that it was all a waste of effort, but it will be too late.

4. Being Jealous

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. ” 
Carrie Fisher

Being jealous of someone who’s more successful will never diminish their success. It’s an extremely unhealthy way of thinking. It’s based on envy instead of taking action. Hating someone just because they’re better won’t make anything easier for you.

You must understand that it’s impossible, absolutely impossible to be happy and jealous at the same time. It’s just not how your mind works.

5. Hanging out with negative people

It’s a well-known fact, negative people will affect your mood, and the way you think. If you’re hanging out with negative people, you’ll slowly start thinking the way they do. Whenever you talk about something that want to do, something that you’re grateful for, or give honest appreciation about anything, they’ll always have something to say.

These people are experts at crafting excuses that seem pretty good, and very real. They claim to be ‘realistic’ but will deny any example of actual success, saying that the successful person is lucky, talented, destined to success, or anything to justify why they can’t achieve anything.

6. Always waiting

When ____ happens, I’ll be happy. I’m sure you can think of something to fill in the blank. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is waiting for something so that you can be happy, but the truth is that it won’t work because as soon as that event occurs, a problem also comes with it, and then you’ll start waiting for the next thing to be happy, and it goes on forever.

You’ll never be happy thinking this way. The only way to be happy is now.

If you ever want to be happy, make sure to avoid these habits as much as possible, they’re useless. How about you, how many of them can you relate to ? Tell me in the comments.

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