Nationalism rising in an ever more interdependent world? WTF?!!

If our whole cultural, financial and political systems are inter-connected, why populists, separatists and nationalist figures are gaining more attention each day?

When I was young, calculate around the late 80s-90s, there was this common feeling that our generation could do whatever we would want to in our lives. Just a few responsibilities here and there, and live happily ever after doing the work of our dreams, travelling around the world and experiencing the marvelous legacy our parents were about to leave us after their hard work and witness of very recent mistakes acquainted by their elders. But as Brazilians will kindly, and smiling, suggest to you at your favorite chicken restaurant whenever they run out of fucking chicken, ‘Infelizmente Senhor’ (Unhappily Mister) THAT WILL NEVER BECOME TRUE*.

Sure, at least a new Hitler isn’t rising in Europe but ‘Brexits’, Trumps, Putins and Le Pens are surely making their way up (sorry Guetta).

After ‘two’ so called world wars, a ‘cold one’ involving the big winners, recurring and unresolved conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, and constant media focus set on the mistakes we all acquiescently committed in the past, it sure seemed as if the world was going to look like a Coke Ad holding hands and singing Imagine by John Lennon. But how did we go from Kumbaya to “Stay the fuck away from my yard or I’ll drone-strike-you?”.

As to how I see it, there’s one main reason: SELFISHNESS.

Even when the US invaded Iraq in search for Oil of Mass Destruction, at the time, and many more now, were really aware of the nasty tactics played out by the self-named leaders of the free world, with Sadam as main villain (he was clearly no hero), and urged their chiefs to stop the fucking nonsense.

It was a feeling of “Now we are aware of you little fuckers and your political tricks, do not play with us, we aren’t as stupid as you think”. But hell we were wrong… Governments in that specific case like the US, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland or Australia (we can all agree are modern and greatly developed societies), and can apply same principle to so many, just had to ‘slightly adjust their speech’ in order to convince the main public — again. Just provide the people with a now classic: “they are bad, we are good, WE ARE JUSTICE, we must stop them before it’s too late for them poor and innocent individuals that don’t know better”.

Why a Trump encouraging a ‘Stop-All-Mexicans Wall’ is just a fucking valid idea today?

HOLY SHIT! If we were already aware Governments will go so far into war, aware of its drama and life destroying consequences, just for power, resources and/or white capitalist supremacy (don’t let yourself drag by assuming I’m a communist, black or an idealistic libertarian — seriously, don’t — think dammit). Then how the fuck we are believing nowadays that all these people once and still in power have remotely changed a bit? Why we learn and grasp with “Aawws, now I get it” or “Shitty bastards, if we only knew then”, just when it has already happened — again? Why a Trump encouraging a ‘Stop-All-Mexicans Wall’ is just a fucking valid idea today? (Now we don’t know if he wants to hug them first and them hang them, or vice-versa). And don’t get me wrong, of course now there are more people world aware and think for themselves in favor of common wealth (not you GB — we now despise half your ‘independent’ population), but it’s just ridiculously not enough people in order to really change things when problems start from the top.

OK, we all have freedom of speech, we all have our ideas, and of course, none can impose the way you should think, never. But seriously… NO, SERIOUSLY. What are these moral values? Surely I wouldn’t call that morality of any kind, but just as a feeling of my life is clearly more valuable than yours, so a simple “I just don’t give a fuck about you” soon becomes a reasonable point of view. Sure, at least a new Hitler isn’t rising in Europe — that we know of — but ‘Brexits’, Trumps, Putins and Le Pens are surely making their way up (sorry Guetta).

So there are people just thinking their lives are undeniably better than others. OK, I sort of buy it at discount price. It just might seem common sense that we as humans, and ‘history-volution’ might remind us, we are still animals prepared for fight and violence, specially if this will mean protecting our family and community from enemies — whatever these might be.

Just stay out of the way and don’t fuck everyone else trying to build a better tomorrow

Yet another principle here I think should be considered before jumping to conclusions that we just cannot change our own nature: “A united group will clearly out-perform an individual in general terms”. Meaning if instead of fighting each other, acknowledging sometimes this can’t be avoided, we worked together, probably and not maybe, the future might seem a little brighter for all — on opposing to those who already live ludicrously well, and desire a non changing world in order to maintain themselves at the ‘Top of the Rock”.

Now, as to reply those voices stating the world is as it is, mankind will never change suddenly, but economic systems and society will slowly go adjusting to these idealistic and hippie-like visions during a long future ahead, just stay out of the way and don’t fuck everyone else trying to build a better tomorrow.

Of course, it’s impossible that every human being, or even a significant portion of the planet can focus right now on becoming better world citizens, but at least those few who really are working everyday of their lives in order to improve those of everyone else, including those of little fuckers’ future grandsons, can do what they pursue without interference of selfish individuals.

A good and recent example of the absurdity and selfishness happening right now in Europe with Syria, for which everyday Joe’s just do not seem to care, or at least don’t go further than saying they do in public and end sitting on the couch complaining how bad the world is without remedy:

  • > 11 million refugees displaced
  • > 350.000 killed during the civil war
  • A civil war that rose due to it’s government not providing the freedom its population demanded — that other neighbors, specially the so called developed countries already had long time ago (see Arab Spring).
  • Syria was previously owned by the French not long ago without refusing to let go and after having to join a United Arab alliance with Egypt, a military coup by the Al Àsads happened and rose to power.
  • Being well seen by the international community (the Al Àsad’s) as it’s new conflict desires weren’t related with any modern and western society, just Israel, Lebanon and their own people. So, who cares…
  • Now a civil war starts with at least 4 factions receiving money from our governments and terrorist groups, not without forgetting where majority of weapons come from — aww these lucrative sweet businesses.
  • Europe starts receiving thousands of refugees each day avoiding the war, and what happens next?
  • It took months to reach an agreement on whether to host them, and how many, as if they were just statistics. Just remind you it took less than a week for the UE to reach an agreement with the UK, prior Brexit, when they wanted to renegotiate it’s current status in the Union. Hey, it’s our money we are talking about, not just some simple hobo Arabs.
  • When finally reached a refugee handling “commitment” per country, these were just going to accept a very small fraction of total refugees accounted. So, who cares… At least we posed with a smile and promises of good people towards our voters.
  • Unwillingly, but not incapable, of handling this tiny fraction of refugees they committed to, they reached another but even simpler agreement with Turkey. Hey, as they first travel through your country towards ours, what if we just keep them there and you just do whatever you wish (keep them, throw them back, use them as tokens… who cares — again). They’ll be then your problem and not ours (EU), so our voters will stop seeing small children arriving dead at our coasts or crying for food and shelter — Aww, so gross I can’t even look at it. Quick, a new “Got Talent” performed by “Big Brother” mega stars is about to start.
  • And last but not least, that country now ‘hosting’ or managing OUR refugees as if it were a Logistics Department of any corporation, Turkey, is controlled by the new European consented, of course, dictatorship-style like Erdogan, slight reminder of Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution, with more than 70.000 people arrested in just a week for opposing Government after recent military coup tryout. Where myself am not encouraging it, but just seems so so strange so many teachers, judges and civilians were so clearly involved in it that they had to arrest them ferociously after…

A good starting point is to disengage your auto-pilot mode through life

To end, I would just want to leave some messages to those opposing unison and defending a sort of Bruce Horsby song “It’s just the way it is”:

  • What would you do if you were in the middle in the Syrian war?
  • Is it really fair that depending on where you are born, you can have affordable access to basic needs like food, water and shelter?
  • What if there’s a big bully stealing your earned food each day? Can you demand him to stop? Careful, he is three times your size, and has greater weapons than you.
  • What if your neighborhood becomes unsafe and filled with crimes and horror every day. Will you seek home on another place? What if all neighborhoods denied you and were doomed to become homeless?
  • What if you are now the greatest mathematician on earth as a result of your talent, good education, good parenting, perfect career opportunities and appropriate surroundings. Now take out of the formula everything except for the talent. Would it be fair if you’ll probably end up your life just being the smartest grocery store clerk in Aleppo?

A Trump fan, will probably say to you anything is possible if you really have the talent and work really hard everyday to achieve what you want… And let’s avoid speaking about that his fortune was inherited and later very badly invested. We would have to reply: “Sir, that’s not true!”. Millions of people worldwide, cannot even prevent themselves for having to work at the age of 12, missing already their elementary education, without night schools, without access to books or even enough food variety and quality for an appropriate physical development. These are extreme cases, but happens in all societies from small access to opportunities to massive were it’s just incomparable. Is this just? If not, can we really make things different?





Thank you and best regards.

Rafiki Master

*Unless we create a device in the next 30 years capable of re-educating people in just a few minutes — fiiuuu — and you just thought we were screwed. OR, if upcoming generations are really taking notes on past mistakes, acknowledge really how our “Free World” system works with its great virtues and perverse failures, and ourselves become the parents of the future heroes that will save humanity.

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