I Was Told I Was ‘Gifted’ And It Crippled Me
Louis Chew

Boy oh boy did I have a different experience than you, here in the states. My first grade teacher recommended I skip second grade and go on to third. My mother rejected the idea, and I became an underachiever, waiting for the day when I could shine. Then in ninth grade algebra, my teacher literally kicked me out of class for being his only straight A student, said I didn’t belong there. He sent me to see my guidance counselor who gave me an IQ test, which then suggested I would be better off taking college level classes. Again, my mother rejected the idea. This is when I gave up, because I felt I had no other option. I find it interesting how you believed that failing made you a failure. I believed failing would make me as “normal” as everyone else. btw — it doesn’t. Took me twenty years to figure that one out.