9/11 wasn’t a calamity BUT hurricanes are.

Its sad to see highly educated, extremely insightful and incredibly intelligent Americans still juxtapose the 9/11 incident and nature’s calamities like hurricanes, Tsunamis and Wildfire.

9/11 was well planned and meticulously executed by U.S think tanks with impunity. They had firm belief in Muslim World leaders’ subservience and appeasement of super power. So it was all unilateral action without any chances of backfire.

But after a decade of killing millions of innocent Muslims in target states voices are heard within the U.S telling the untold stories of yesteryears.

Those voices of conscience were, so far, a part of silent majority but as we know bloodshed and carnage against innocent human being can’t be covered for long and a time comes when the perpetrators have to taste the bitterness of their evil deeds.

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