A Short Poem On Growing Up

With a toy truck in one hand

And popsicle in another

Watching Shaggy tremble behind Scooby

Or Dexter invent in his laboratory

When miracles were everywhere and magic in everything

It was the innocent phase — Life was all about believing.

Then inch by inch, day by day as we grew

The magic and miracles withdrew

The uncertainties showed up

The responsibilites crept in

And a bone deep realisation that childhood

Is a - Luxury arose deep within.

Is growing up actually that bad?

They say, do not grow up its a trap

I say, growing up gives me the freedom

To knock down the things that give me trouble

Live the dreams that always in my mind rumbled

From childhood to youth to adulthood

Is a transition of the different seasons

Of exploring the treasures that life rolls out for a reason

Lets keep livin’ it

For magical and miraculous it yet is.

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