I’m an Educator but I’m Also Human

This morning I opened an email to this…

“I’m not seeing you doing much education these days, only music. We were looking for a message on equity and diversity and weren’t seeing this reflected in your tweets and blog. Is this still your expertise?”

Lately I have been away from social media edu, not for any real reason other than that I discovered something else that I love and wanted to openly embrace.

My passion and career has always been centered on education and for most of my life since college, I have dedicated every single waking moment to it through reading, writing, conferences and of course through social media.

When twitter edu began, the message was quite (falsely) clear that one had to be connected on twitter to have any chance at success. Those connections meant following twitter edu scheduling, chats, educational podcasts, blogging, constant collaboration at all hours of the night and publishing content faster than conferences could book speakers.

There are countless books published about how educators can and should tweet in addition to school districts who make it mandatory to do. I’ve seen more debates about professional vs personal accounts than I can keep track of with most opting to only use social media professionally.

…and that is their choice to make.

It is not my choice.

For the past few years, I’ve been evolving and have finally gotten to a space where I understand that Rafranz the educator isn’t all of who I am. I am a person living in this world and experiencing things that are often ignored in the confines of academic talk.

I laugh, cry, struggle, love and hurt along with every other emotion that human beings possess.

I do not “live, breath and eat” education all day. As someone who has missed everything from my own kid’s games to senior prom, please take my advice…you shouldn’t either.

Do your work and your passions above and beyond the scope of expectations but also find ways to remain centered on who you are as a person.

…Not just as a person with a particular job

It’s weird that we invoke that word “experience” so much into education while many still operate through such a narrow lens of connectedness that real experiences are just as empty as the barriers that we’ve created around this field.

I am no more defined by people’s expectations of me than those who falsely connect whatever my message is to my social media.

So yes, I am still doing the work of education, edtech and equity. I also play with my grandbaby, watch television, see movies, visit museums, listen to music and attempt to learn languages.

And more often than a few uncomfortable people want to see…I also tweet about the greatest band in the world from South Korea..BTS.

By the way, if you don’t see the education in this alone, I don’t know what to tell you other than to open your eyes to the inequity of media/entertainment because it is just as real as the expected conversations around equity that we are still uncomfortable with having in schools. As a matter of fact, it’s absolutely all connected.

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