It’s Been A While

I have so much to say as much has been buried deep inside my soul. It honestly feels weird to be able to express my thoughts without worry that I just might offend someone enough to warrant a conversation.

In case you missed it, I am no longer working in a school district and to be honest, I have no plans whatsoever to return to one any time soon.

I have had some of the greatest honors of my life occur during my time as a classroom teacher from working alongside some of the most impactful humans I’ve ever known to the tears of seeing “that one kid” graduate…finally. (Yes, I’m talking about you “Koolaid”)

There is no greater career path than education but I must say that if we don’t work to change how this field works, especially in how we actively silence those within it, we’ll do much more harm than any standardized test ever did or could.

With that said, I am forever grateful to every person who ever gave me the opportunity to teach and share…especially those who gave me the platform to lead, even when others doubted my abilities. You know who you are.

I want so badly to share my next steps but there are a few details that must be finalized before I can.

Just know that I’ve been given a blank slate and empowered to paint it however my vision sees fit, big or small. Scary isn’t it?

The thought alone gives me chills.

For now, I have a few weeks to chill, be a GiGi and of course listen to and support the greatest band in the world, BTS.

Since you’re here, spare $1.29 and buy their single Boy with Luv from Apple, Amazon or Google Play. If you can’t do it for you, do it for me. 🤪

Until next time…

(One more thing…I’m 43. (44 On June 11th) Never ever listen to someone who says that changing career paths is impossible after a certain age)




Dreamer, Blerd, Educator, Disruptor of Ridiculousness, STEM & Digital Access Advocate

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Rafranz Davis

Rafranz Davis

Dreamer, Blerd, Educator, Disruptor of Ridiculousness, STEM & Digital Access Advocate

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