To My Son on Your Last Day of High School

I wonder if you truly understand the magnitude of this day.

For me, it brings back memories of our struggles to make sure that you had the education that you not only demanded but deserved.

I am reminded of the times when you were told by those in this field who should know better that you didn’t belong, would end up locked up and my favorite…were incapable of understanding authority because you asked too many questions.

Clearly that one didn’t understand that you were born to challenge the ridiculousness of the world.

I am also reminded of those who hugged you when I couldn’t, gave you pencils because you needed them, kept snacks in case you were hungry, picked you up because I was working, gave you time because you needed it and demanded excellence from you because they knew that you were capable.

People may never know our struggles as a family over the years. Through it all, you still woke up everyday seeing the world and its possibilities. I pray that you never lose this beautiful part of you as it, along with your faith, will be your guiding light in all that you face.

Today, my son, is the culmination of all that you have endured to get to such a monumental milestone and I am so proud of the young man that you have become.

…a young man that has endured so much and yet walks everyday as a living sign of survival.

…as an embodiment of dreams.

Today is a significant milestone and next week, you’ll wear your cap and gown and experience another.

You did it kid.

Real talk though…you never doubted that you wouldn’t.

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