There is no “technology industry”
Anil Dash

This started out as a good a valid point that devolved into scoring some cheap points about how some companies skirt (or flout) regulation.

It’s true that saying any industrial concern is a “tech” company is a lot like saying you’re an “HR” company because you have a staffing and HR team, or a “legal” company because you have lawyers on staff reviewing all your contracts. “Tech” as such is a business enabler, and even companies like Intel and Apple outsource some of their technology needs. This is an important point worth emphasizing. But I don’t buy the notion of “cultural cover” being used to ignore regulation. Barring some smoking gun evidence here (and I admit I’m not very up to date on the latest), I don’t think many intelligent people can believe that their board even obliquely agreed to the notion that “if we just call ourselves a ‘tech startup’ and then we won’t have to subject our products and processes to industrial/governmental certification”.

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