Don’t Let Them Get You Down!

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Oct 11, 2018 · 3 min read

by RAG Social

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Okay people, I don’t often put myself out there, but here I go…

A few months back when ‘things’ were ticking along nicely I had an experience… one which I hope to never go through again… it wasn’t life threatening or anything, just one of those things that knocks your confidence.

I won’t go into details with names or anything, just enough to say that it had me in hiding for a while and left me feeling vulnerable to the world of social media and cyberspace in general. I guess if you boil it down you could say it was a form of bullying!

After many weeks of feeling self doubt and the vulnerability I decided enough is enough!

I got to grips with myself and had a good look at what I had achieved so far in this chapter of my life.

I soon realised that all was not lost. I set out on a new venture, one I will tell you about in more detail later, suddenly, the real me appeared again.

The one who likes to be herself and knows that she does a good job.

It became apparent to me in my soul searching that I was attached to the wrong type of person (in the work space) and that had to change.

I asked myself:-

  1. Did it matter that this person did not like me? — NO
  2. Does it matter that they have gone all weird? — NO
  3. Do I miss them? — NO
  4. Would I want to be like them? — ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  5. Am I glad that they are not part of my life anymore? — YES
  6. Have I learned any valuable lessons — OH YES!

The questions are endless and not important anymore. I went form feeling bullied and intimidated to looking at this person and seeing them for what they really are — FAKE, FRAUD and not too good at it either. Everything started to fall into place now about things that were said etc. Let’s just say the eyes were well and truly open now!

After speaking to the right people, ones who I found just at the right time, everything was clear again. Instead of hating this individual for what they had done I suddenly felt free. Sounds weird but that is how it is.

I am stronger now and more focused.

Taking that step back and gathering my thoughts made me realise that I can do this! So can YOU!

Connecting with truly genuine people who really know what they are talking about, with the right experience, knowledge, and qualifications (by that I mean life experience and proof), makes a world of difference.

DO NOT BE A VICTIM OF BULLYING within social media, or any avenue for that matter, under any circumstances. Also, don’t be fooled into believing that a wannabe influencer with many followers is the real deal! Trust your gut instinct on that one! Wish I had listened to my initial instinct! Lessons learned :)

I hope to be back real soon with more up beat and informational blog posts.

Take care out there everyone and be yourself!

Chat real soon folks.

Keep enjoying what you do.

Keep safe.

Much love,

Gwen ~ RAG Social

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