Hitting Your Head Off A Brick Wall..

Have you ever had one of those days where you would be as well hitting your head off a brick wall? No matter what way you turn nothing seems to be flowing naturally in the world of “Social Media” Twitter… next, Facebook….. next, Blog……. next… and on the day disappears.

hitting one’s head off a brick wall kind of day…. yeah!

You reach finishing time and suddenly you feel even more stressed at the lack of progress. Argh… don’t you just hate days like that! Focus, focus, focus.. at least trying to focus, yet no, the mind is just empty, nothing, not even a sniff of an idea or a smidgen of light is shining. What is the best thing to do?…. (all suggestions appreciated).

Ok so I can either log off in a strop and carry the waste of a day into the evening or give myself a good talking to and take a deep breath and get on with things. What do I decide… I walk into the kitchen, look at the time — 5:30 ish — realise it is Thursday and I have somehow managed to miss #WineWednesday (how that happened I will never know), so now there is a double hmmppff on the go. Ok stand still, don’t think and breathe in slowly and deeply Gwen, shake out the negativity and blockage, stand tall and reach for the fridge, a small glass of what is left in the wine bottle is just what is needed, helped along with few “Ferrero” from the Father’s Day collection (with the kind permission of the father, of course). Ahhhh a sip of nice cold wine and chocolate on the tongue is just heavenly. Decided to have a sneek, sorry, read of some other blogs to try and get some inspiration — well it done the trick, I found @McGuireski one of my twitter connections, he had just published his newpaper column articles, I gave then a good read and they just made me laugh so much, he made me feel like he was talking to me and nobody else, his style of writing just hit the spot to make me smile. I guess because I could relate to what he was saying and could feel how I would feel in exactly his situation, whither it be with “Please Close The Gate” or “To Pee Or Not To Pee”, you must have a read, I bet you will smile too…… please let me know.

Ok feeling refreshed after a good laugh, wine and chocolate, it’s onwards and upwords….

Nothing like renewed energy to get you going again….

Taking just a little time out can often reset the balance and put you back on track again. It is so easy to let your mind get totally bogged down with “stuff” matters that really don’t mean anything in the big scheme of things. So with a little time out and batteries re-charged I’m good to go again. The energy is flowing and the ideas are springing into action again. Why did I get so stressed out about having a bad day. Maybe my bodies way of saying….’hey time out and re-think’ whatever it was it has gone now and good equilibrium has been restored. Quickly jotting down the ideas, strategy and content in fear that it might disappear again ;) phew….. what a day and sure is time to chill out now and take stock. Maybe because I was not organised enough or maybe just simply a case of overthinking as I can sometimes do…. either way a sigh of relive as normal business has been resumed!

This actually leads me onto another matter…… no I shall save it for another day….. The End…. :)

Just a little short blog today and hope to be back real soon with lots of inspiration. Thanks.

Gwen x

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