Organisation & Balance

Getting the balance right!!!…….

Okay ~ I know, I know don’t shout at me…. it’s been a while and guilty as charged… I could say I have not been about much becauseI have been so busy, not enough time in the day, I have been moving house, I have had a weeks break, things to do and people to see…. (all of which are true by the way…) but there is no excuse!.. sorry! I am here now, all refreshed, organised and ready to go…. getting organised and putting that strategy in place really is the right thing to do. You read about it all the time and then you move onto something else, well, STOP!!! take the time to listen as well and read and act upon the great advice that is out there, staring you in the face. I have signed up and read the emails and now it is time to DO not just go through the motions. It has taken me long enough to realise this and it really does make a difference. I have gone from being less of a headless chicken and more towards being organised and feeling in control of my daily tasks now. What a difference a day makes!…. sounds corny but it is fact!

No more sitting staring at the screen wondering what I am going to do first, what am I going to say? where will I find content today? then suddenly it’s like lunchtime….. panic sets in and at the end of the day it has been totally unproductive and nothing has been scheduled for the next day etc…. you might as well not bother!!!!… and I mean that! you get nowhere, you start to worry about what you have not done and what needs doing etc. How many of you wake up in the middle of the night with great idea for content and by the morning you have forgotten? You remember you had a great idea just can’t remember what it was!…… hmmm…..

By taking the time out to spend time with some of the great social media experts out there it is amazing what you can learn…. their advice and free flowing information is truly astounding. Taking time-0ut to really reshape the way you run your business is so refreshing and rewarding.

Life is no longer stress filled days but scheduled, organised and dare I say it fun!…. there is now time to think ahead and pave the way forward leaving you free to develop in which ever way you want…

You can find these amazing people who can help you by Googling or search on Twitter and Facebook — there really is no excuse. Without a good thought out strategy and plan there really is no point! Focus focus focus!!!! you will be amazed at just how quickly all will become clear! It’s may sound strange but the more you organise yourself the more you learn and the easier the whole process becomes! Success, results and achievements are all within easy reach….. DO IT NOW!!

I will try and be more active with my blogs — I promise ;) REMEMBER if you need any help all you have to do is ask.

Hope you all have a great day and catch you soon folks.

Cheers for now.


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